Is Sony X80K Good? Sony X80K Pros and Cons


The Sony X80K series TV is positioned as a TV for daily watching movies, TV, and running smoothly. Many people think, Is Sony X80K good? Is Sony X80K worth buying? Here come out with its pros and cons.

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What's good in Sony X80K?​

First of all, the Sony X80K is equipped with Sony's intelligent processing chip X1, which supports motion compensation with the display technology of Terri Phantom Pro. And it can adjust the TV brightness according to the ambient light, providing a more comfortable viewing experience.

In terms of processor architecture, the Sony X80K rides on the A73 quad-core 1.8GHZ high-performance processor, which is one of the highest-performance processors on the market. Sony X80K has a combination of 4+32G, 4G running memory can ensure the stable and smooth operation of the system, and 32G storage memory can basically accommodate many apps that users want to install.

As for sound effects, the Sony X80K uses Dolby Atmos and is equipped with spatially balanced speakers. In addition, it supports one-click screen projection and AI far-field voice control.

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What's the con of Sony X80K?​

Sony X80K series TVs use 4K hard screens without light control partitions. Its black control ability and contrast ratio are worse than TVs with light control partitions. In addition, the Sony X80K series TV has only 500nit peak brightness, which is lower in brightness. It does not have HDMI2.1 interface and the refresh rate is 60HZ, which is not the best choice for game users.

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