sony x91j

  1. X

    Sony X91K TV vs X91J: Which is more worth buying?

    With the Sony X91K TV on the shelves, there are many people who especially want to know what is the difference between the Sony TV X91K and X91J. Is it still necessary to buy a Sony X91J TV now? So today we will do a short-answer short evaluation to see which one is more worth buying. Sony TV...
  2. Elena

    SONY X91J Review, is it worth buying?

    I plan to create an entertainment room in my living room, so I chose SONY X91J which is a TV that stands out in terms of gaming performance. It's perfect with PS 5. Here's my unboxing review of SONY X91J TV. 1. Unboxing According to the space of TV cabinet and sitting room, I chose the version...