1. Amanda Brown

    DT Descend DN8 Subwoofer Review, Is it good?

    DT (Definitive Technology) introduces the new Descend subwoofer DN8 with 8-inch woofers for music, home theater and gaming scenes. Powered by a powerful 500W peak Class D amplifier, the DN8 can play low frequencies down to 34Hz, giving rich detail and a stunning theater experience. DT...
  2. Bread Pitt

    Velodyne MicroVee MKII review: mini subwoofer, Hifi and Home Cinema

    The Velodyne MicroVee is a very small subwoofer. It has existed and been manufactured since 2006. Given the speed at which consumer electronic devices are usually replaced, we can speak of a real success. Velodyne decided to extend this success by improving its box in a second version, which...
  3. G

    Subwoofer adjustment for home thearter installation

    You are dealing with home theater installation, the basic points should be paid attention to adjusting subwoofer. The adjustment of subwoofer is really not an easy thing, here can only be explained in a few key outline, hope to make AV fresh people more easy to use. 1. Subwoofer as far as...
  4. P

    Is the subwoofer bigger, the better?

    The bigger the subwoofer, the better in general. The sound we hear is actually produced by the vibration of the speaker, and the volume of sound we hear is proportional to the volume of air pushed by the vibration of the speaker. The larger the bass unit, the same volume is emitted, that is, the...
  5. loughborough

    Which to choose: subwoofer and loudspeaker

    What is the difference between a subwoofer and loudspeaker? Semantics? A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that only responds to low frequencies but it is both a type of loudspeaker driver and a loudspeaker. In English, a loudspeaker is usually a cabinet with one or more loudspeaker drivers...