tcl c835

  1. L

    TCL C835 TV Review, Full Screen Viewing Experience

    The TCL C835 series 4K TV in this review improves and supplements the key technologies of the previous C825 series. Still Mini LED backlighting, but in the fourth generation, the brightness has been bumped up to OLED's 1500 nits peak, now with a higher level of LED control, which also extends...
  2. Felia

    TCL C835 specification, Is TCL C835 good?

    TCL released the C835 series QLED TV in 2022, with three available sizes of 55'65'75'. They have a 144Hz refresh rate,HDMI 2.1ports, 60W Onkyo speaker, and they work with Google Assistant and Alexa. I like it very much, hope it will come to the USA as soon as possible. Model Name TCL C835...
  3. L

    TCL C935 vs TCL C835 2022 TV: What's different?

    TCL has announced its 2022 C-Series LCD TVs in Europe, and many are wondering if the TCL C935 is any different from the TCL 835. It seems hard to see the difference between them from the outside. Here you will find a list of TCL C935 vs TCL 835 parameters for you to distinguish them. TCL C935...