How to watch live channels on TCL R655 TV?


There are thousands of movies, shows, and live news on TCL R655 Roku Channel, which is highly reviewed on the article TCL R655 Review. You can add live channels to stream your favorites. Here is the guide on how to watch live channels on TCL R655 TV.
How to watch live channels on TCL R655 TV.jpg

1. Press the Home button and go to the Streaming Channel.

2. There are many recommended channels for you. You can choose one of them and press add to your TCL R635 TV.

3. If there are no what you are looking for, navigate to Search Channels and enter the name of live TV you like to add.

4. Then the added live channels will appear on the apps list.

If you are not around your TV, you also can add live channels from a computer, or mobile end of your Roku account. For more detailed guide, refer to How to Download Apps on Roku TV.


Many people complain that smart TVs are too complicated to operate these days! They just want to be able to watch live channels as soon as they turn on the TV.