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    TCL TV HDMI1 No Signal, How to solve it?

    Why does the TCL TV show that there is no HDMI1 signal? This may be that the TV is not connected to the device through the HDMI1 interface, or the connection cable /HDMI1 interface is faulty. Why does TCL TV HDMI1 no signal? There may be several reasons why the TV shows no HDMI1 signal. The...
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    How to turn on TTS screen reader on TCL R655 TV?

    The new 2022 popular TV TCL R655 has a built-in audio guide, a feature that allows users to navigate the text information on the screen and read it out by voice. If you are interested in this feature, this article will help you turn on or off the Text-to-Speech(TTS) on your TV. How to turn on...
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    How to use TCL R655 Roku TV without remote?

    TCL R655 Roku TV has been recently sold in the market and it is popular for its excellent service at a low price. When using TCL R655 TV, what if you accidentally lost the remote control? Just in case, here is how to use TCL R655 TV without the remote control, that is to download the Roku remote...
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    TCL TV Black Screen, Ultimate Fix Update

    This article provides the latest update fixing methods on TCL TV black screen and other TCL TV using issues. Why is My TCL TV Screen Black? Why TCL TV turns on but no picture? That's probably you are encountering a TCL TV black screen issue. There may be a more serious problem behind the black...
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    What if I didn't connect my TCL Roku TV?

    Do I have to connect my TCL TV to Network when I turn it on for the first time? What if I didn't connect my TCL Roku TV? Can I go back to the set up page later?