TCL TV HDMI1 No Signal, How to solve it?


Why does the TCL TV show that there is no HDMI1 signal? This may be that the TV is not connected to the device through the HDMI1 interface, or the connection cable /HDMI1 interface is faulty.

Why does TCL TV HDMI1 no signal?​

There may be several reasons why the TV shows no HDMI1 signal. The specific reasons and solutions are as follows.

Reason 1: It may be that the TV connection device is not connected through the HDMI1 interface.
Solution: The problem can be solved by connecting the cable to the HDMI1 interface.

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Reason 2: There may be a problem with the cable connecting the TV and the device.
Solution: It can be solved by replacing the new cable.


Reason 3: It may be that the hdmi1 interface of the TV is faulty or the HDMI interface of the device is faulty.
Solution: It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for maintenance.

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