toshiba tv troubleshooting

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    Toshiba TV Troubleshooting: Turn on delay and no sound

    Some Toshiba TV users asked about that when I turn on my Toshiba TV, there is a delay for a few seconds before the picture appears. Is this normal? The picture is normal but there is no sound. There is the answer. Actually, Yes, this delay when Toshiba TV turning on is normal. The Toshiba TV is...
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    Toshiba TV Troubleshooting: Toshiba TV No sound or picture

    Toshiba TV No sound or picture, how to fix it? If you are having trouble with your TV, first try turning it off and on again. If this does not fix the problem, check the tips following. How to fix the problem of Toshiba TV no sound or picture? 1. Check if the power cord is plugged into a...