xgimi h5

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    How does XGIMI H5 work?

    How about using XGIMI with a gray screen? Or should it go with white?
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    XGIMI H5 Compound Eye Lens: What are compound eyes good for?

    The Xgimi H5 uses the SUPER full color LED system and has a custom 300 partition compound eye lens. So what is a compound eye lens? The compound eye lens is placed inside the machine for use in the light path system and is an essential part of the reflective equipment, it is also a beneficial...
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    XGIMI H5 Hawkeye 3.0 System Functions

    XGIMI recently launched a new projection XGIMI H5. We have seen that XGIMI adopts the Hawkeye 3.0 system, so what exactly is the Hawkeye 3.0 system? What is the role of the projector? What is Hawkeye System? This is not the first time XGIMI has proposed the concept of the Hawkeye system. It...
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    XGIMI Launches H5 projector with 1400 CCB lumens

    Recently, XGIMI released a XGIMI H5 projector, priced at 6,299 yuan. Officially, its CCB movie color brightness is 1400CCB lumens, which is 27.3% higher than the previous generation. CCB lumens is a standard built by XGIMI to measure the color brightness of the picture during home viewing...