XGIMI H5 Hawkeye 3.0 System Functions


XGIMI recently launched a new projection XGIMI H5. We have seen that XGIMI adopts the Hawkeye 3.0 system, so what exactly is the Hawkeye 3.0 system? What is the role of the projector?

What is Hawkeye System?​

This is not the first time XGIMI has proposed the concept of the Hawkeye system. It has also been used on the previously released XGIMI H3S, but the H3S uses the Hawkeye 1.0 system, while the new XGIMI H5 uses the 3.0 system. See it as an upgrade.

Here I want to popularize a little knowledge. The eagle's eyes are very sharp. Its eyes can zoom quickly when diving at high speed to adapt to the rapid change of the distance from the prey. There are also corresponding eagles in many ball games. The eye system is used to quickly capture dynamic images.

Therefore, it is the same reason to simulate the eagle eye in the projector. The projector can achieve fast zooming, ranging for focusing and keystone correction.

XGIMI H5 Hawkeye 3.0 System.jpg

What's the Hawkeye 3.0 system function?​

1. Environment adaptive function​

The XGIMI H5 has a built-in ALS light sensor, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the intensity of the ambient light. And according to the color of the projection wall, it can control the red, green and blue lights, perform picture color correction, and automatically restore the picture color.

2. Screen adaptive function​

The XGIMI H5 is equipped with a self-developed 3D ToF module and a lidar module. Using the dual combination of 3D ToF laser + high-precision camera module, it can achieve global sensorless focusing, automatic keystone correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and automatic entry. Mu and other intelligent functions.

The working principle is roughly as follows: the CMOS camera module first captures a two-dimensional image of the projection environment to establish a plane model, and then uses the 3D ToF laser module to calculate the distance of obstacles and converts the two-dimensional plane image captured into a three-dimensional three-dimensional model. The algorithm constructs the entire space, returns the data and adjusts the exact position of the projected image.

3. Follow the eye protection function​

It can sense the characters into the painting, follow the movement trajectory of the characters, and reduce the brightness of the light source above heads, so that the eyes will not be hurt by direct light.


The XGIMI H5 is available with the VIVIDSTORM alr anti-light screen that does not turn white even during daytime projection, providing good color contrast.