XGIMI Launches H5 projector with 1400 CCB lumens


Recently, XGIMI released a XGIMI H5 projector, priced at 6,299 yuan. Officially, its CCB movie color brightness is 1400CCB lumens, which is 27.3% higher than the previous generation.

xgimi h5.jpg

CCB lumens is a standard built by XGIMI to measure the color brightness of the picture during home viewing, and is used to replace the ANSI standard. However, CCB lumens is not currently an internationally recognized projector brightness unit, and ANSI lumens is the mainstream of brightness.


XGIMI H5 adopts XGIMI self-developed optical machine and is equipped with SUPER full-color LED system. At the same time, it is also the first smart projector that adopts the film color brightness standard, and its film color brightness reaches 1400 CCB lumens, which is 27% higher than the previous generation.

xgimi rgb.jpg

XGIMI claims that it is the H-series projector with the best picture quality to date. However, according to the feedback of users who got the evaluation of XGIMI H5, the color display of XGIMI H5 still has obvious color cast compared with the original picture.