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  1. H

    XGIMI HORIZON Ultra 4K Choose white screen or ALR screen?

    Hey guys, I want to buy a screen for my yard, but I don’t know whether it is better to buy white or ALR for this projector. I usually use it at night. Do you have any recommendations for good screen brands?
  2. Harry Williams

    2023 Best 4K Projector, Watch Oscar Films at Home Theater

    The 2023 Academy Awards list finally came out in a speech filled with heartwarming speeches, and we were delighted to see "Everything Everywhere All at Once" have a glorious night, bringing home seven small gold medals including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best...
  3. Harry Williams

    XGIMI Horizon Pro vs Dangbei Mars Pro vs LG Cinema HU710PW, Which 4K Projector Is Better?

    More consumers are choosing to buy 4K projectors as their home theater picture quality becomes more demanding. As a projector, picture quality, sound quality, function, system, and operation convenience are all important factors that consumers will take into account. The XGIMI Horizon Pro...