1 CCB lumens = How many ANSI lumens?


CCB lumens is a brightness concept recently proposed by the Chinese projector brand XGIMI to replace the international projector brightness unit ANSI lumens. So is there a conversion between CCB lumens and ANSI lumens? 1CCB lumen is equal to how many ANSI lumen?


How to convert CCB lumens to ANSI lumens?​

Since CCB lumens is a new concept, to convert it with the industry standard ANSI lumens, a reference is needed, such as XGIMI H3S and XGIMI H5.

XGIMI claims that the color brightness of the newly released H5 is 27% higher than that of the previous generation H3S, and the XGIMI H5 is 1400CCB lumens. Therefore, XGIMI H3S is approximately equal to 1100CCB lumens, and it can be found that 1CCB lumens is approximately equal to 2ANSI lumens by converting it to 2200ANSI lumens.

1CCB lumens ≈ 2ANSI lumens

From this, it can be inferred that the brightness of XGIMI H5 is actually 2800ANSI lumens. This is not as good as the laser projector Dangbei Mars Pro, which is also a Chinese home projector with 3200 ANSI lumens.

ximi ccb lumens.jpg

Can CCB lumens be a new brightness standard?​

If there is a conversion between CCB lumens and ANSI lumens, can it be the new industry standard?

After all, the official who launched this concept said that it includes the control of indicators such as the color temperature, color accuracy and image uniformity of the projection screen. At the same time, it strictly requires color temperature, D65 color temperature when necessary, Rec709 color point for red, green, and blue origin, and a thirteen-point test method is adopted.

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Nonetheless, CCB may not be regarded as an industry standard. Industry standards not only need to be recognized by the public, they also need to be consistently certified by industry associations. Currently, only ANSI lumens and ISO lumens are the most authoritative projector brightness standards. CCB lumens is only a marking method for XGIMI projectors, and has no reference value for other brands.

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To become an industry standard, CCB lumens need to be certified by an international organization. If you want to know the brightness of XGIMI products, you can measure it with an illuminometer.