xgimi ccb lumens

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    XGIMI Launches H5 projector with 1400 CCB lumens

    Recently, XGIMI released a XGIMI H5 projector, priced at 6,299 yuan. Officially, its CCB movie color brightness is 1400CCB lumens, which is 27.3% higher than the previous generation. CCB lumens is a standard built by XGIMI to measure the color brightness of the picture during home viewing...
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    1 CCB lumens = How many ANSI lumens?

    CCB lumens is a brightness concept recently proposed by the Chinese projector brand XGIMI to replace the international projector brightness unit ANSI lumens. So is there a conversion between CCB lumens and ANSI lumens? 1CCB lumen is equal to how many ANSI lumen? How to convert CCB lumens to...
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    XGIMI Launches CCB Projector Brightness Standard

    On August 18, XGIMI launched Cinema Color Bright (CCB lumens), which is not yet known to be accepted by the projector industry. XGIMI claims that their projectors will switch to the CCB notation and that the XGIMI H5 will be the first model to adopt the new brightness standard. XGIMI said...