2022 Sony X80J/X85J/X90J/X91J/X95J/Z9J/A80J/A90J system upgrade


Recently, Sony TV has carried out a system software update for the 2021 BRAVIA flat-panel TV X80J / X85J / X90J / X91J / X95J / Z9J / A80J / A90J series.

The biggest highlight of this software system update is that Sony's new TVs in 2021 only support the ALLM automatic low-latency mode, but do not have the VRR function.

The 2022 software update now includes VRR, which can effectively prevent screen tearing when changing frame rates during gameplay, resulting in a smoother gaming experience. This is also an important step for Sony to enter the gaming TV market.

Advantages of the new version:
This software upgrade will update all previous software versions to "PKG6.5660.****CNA"

And has the following advantages:

  • Support VRR function (limited to X85J, X90J, X91J, X95J, Z9J, A80J and A90J series models)
  • Improved audio output switching