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  1. Z

    Sony A95K vs. Sony A90J, What's the difference?

    Sony A95K vs. Sony A90J, What's the difference?
  2. Shelby_Compare

    LG G2 vs. Sony A95K vs. Sony A90J TV Comparison Review

    In 2022, LG G2 launched LG G2 with its OLED Evo panel, while Sony also launched the first QD-OLED TV Sony A95K, consumers want to know which one is more worth buying. And last year's hit Sony A90J is still popular. So this article awards a comparison of these three OLED TVs to see which one is...
  3. BigZ

    Panasonic JZ2000 vs. Sony A90J OLED TV Comparison Review

    We all know Sony's OLED TVs well, but Panasonic's OLED TVs are also a series that cannot be ignored. The Panasonic JZ2000 TV is often compared to the Sony A90J, so let's see how these two 2021 OLED TVs differ. 1. Appearance Both TVs are nicely designed with very thin bezels that try not to...
  4. R

    2022 Sony X80J/X85J/X90J/X91J/X95J/Z9J/A80J/A90J system upgrade

    Recently, Sony TV has carried out a system software update for the 2021 BRAVIA flat-panel TV X80J / X85J / X90J / X91J / X95J / Z9J / A80J / A90J series. The biggest highlight of this software system update is that Sony's new TVs in 2021 only support the ALLM automatic low-latency mode, but do...
  5. F

    What is the difference between Sony A80j and Sony A90J TV?

    What is the difference between Sony A80j and Sony A90J TV? Their price differs a lot.
  6. Barend Ray

    Sony A90J VS. LG C1 TV, which is the better OLED TV?

    There must be some top OLED flagship battle in the market of TV, especially Sony and LG, as two veteran TV manufacturers, this year's release of Sony A90J and LG C1 is also highly anticipated. So, Sony A90J and LG C1, which is the better OLED TV? Model Name Sony A90J LG C1 Display Type OLED...
  7. J

    SONY A80J & SONY A90J, Is there a big difference?

    I don't know the big difference between Sony A80J and A90J, but the price varies a lot. model name SONY A80J SONY A90J Screen Sizes 55" / 65" / 77" 55" / 65" / 83" Display Technology OLED OLED Display Resolution 4K...