A must-know home entertainment solution of 2020 for young people.


What is your best choice of home entertainment for 2020?

Before people move to a new home or change for a new TV, you may always have the thought: how can I make my home entertainment life more fabulous with the right electronics? The first idea is to have a home theater that integrates audio and video with an immersive experience. At the same time, you can find many suggestions like a big-screen TV or home project.

Make the right decision is not easy before we know the advantage of each, however, based on the same function, the home projector has more

benefits than TV as follow:

1.One of the most apparent advantages of the projector is the relative cost-effectiveness of large scale screens.

For example, an 80 inch TV costs several thousands of dollars, but an 80-inch screen is general for mainstream price projector, and even a 4K class home

projector can cost less or similar price level that if you care about the resolution.

2. Better eye protection for users

Projection image is in the form of wall or fabric diffuse reflection, comparing to the direct light source from television. Your eyes feel more comfortable in the same brightness.


3.Save space & flexible solution

In combination with the way of suspended ceiling and side projection,

the layout of the Home projector is simple and does not take much space. And you can quickly move to another room flexible, depending on the needs.

As for the maintenance problem that many people are worried about, the

new generation of home projectors use LED and DLP technology, which supports a full life of 30,000 hours. Even if you think about eight hours of daily viewing, it is enough to last more than ten years. With a power consumption within 120W, you can see the product has reached a very high level of maturity.

Especially in the past two years, the development of the smart home projector has made it more popular than traditional TV. As you can see, no matter AI or IoT or other advanced elements, the display of intelligent home projection is no worse than that of smart TV. Meanwhile, the smart home projector is inherently smaller in size, more significant in the image, portable, and innovative in the industry, it's much easier to reach younger consumers, as evidenced by two years of incremental smart projector data.

Same as smart TV, only the brands that have survived the industry's big waves can offer more user-friendly products to consumers. In 2009, Dangbei became a well-deserved dark horse in the industry with his model F1, and let's have a look at what breakthroughs with the latest launch F1C.



From the modeling point of view, Dangbei smart home projector F1C designs with classic space gray ABS plastic material and dark gray mesh combination. Flat and Slim design is compatible with both home and business style. No matter keeping at home or in the conference room is fantastic and harmonious.

Dangbei F1C (3).jpg

When you get close to the Dangbei smart home projector F1C, your attention can focus directly on the Lens at first glance. It adopts sapphire glass and can achieve dynamic thermal compensation of the Lens. With a Sealed Silica Gel to protect against the dust, a significant guarantee of light permeability.

Dangbei F1C (4).jpg

Back to the real demand of home movie, Dangbei Smart home projector F1C offers 1300 Ansi Lumens brightness to ensure the daily use of users.

Dangbei F1C (5).jpg

Move Your eyes to the left of the projector, and you can find the dual TOF laser module and CMOS camera module under the lens cover. The Dangbei smart home projector F1C designs dual algorithms to achieve laser autofocus, and this autofocus can be instantly precise, fast, and does not interfere with the user's viewing experience. Combined with the application of ICCHIPS and accelerometer, the F1C can also achieve quick and insensitive image correction to deal with a variety of complex use scenarios.

Dangbei F1C (6).jpg

The side is of fence design with the structure of ventilation on one side and heat dissipation on the other side. At the same time, Dangbei smart home projector F1C using a shorter and thicker pure copper heat pipe and a larger area of the heat sink. The reconstructed design provides more efficient heat dissipation in lower fan noise. The sound of the fan is barely audible, and the heat dissipates well, keeping the temperature below 40 degrees that reduces the damage to the lens and the product.

Dangbei F1C (7).jpg

The back side is with power switches and a row of ports. From left to right, you can see headphone Jacks, Lan ports, HDMI2.0 ports, dual USB3.0

ports, and power ports. With the USB 3.0 interface, Dangbei Smart home projector F1 ensures a smooth data transfer experience for external


Dangbei F1C (8).jpg

After power on, the power key lights up the red indicator light. Switch to the Bluetooth speaker mode lights up the blue light.

Dangbei F1C (9).jpg

The top of the Dangbei smart home projector F1C is clean and straightforward.

Dangbei F1C (10).jpg

The bottom of the device is also simple, with detachable screw pads at

four corners, threaded ports with brackets in the center, and tabs with necessary product information.

Dangbei F1C (11).jpg

The classic design consists of the natural side button of remote control.

Dangbei F1C (12).jpg

UI Content

The UI design and content of the Dangbei smart home projector are both mainstream and personalized. The F1C's Dangbei OS updates to provide a more user-friendly human-computer interaction experience.The massive resources online at the same time give users significant freedom to install. Below you can see the specific performance of the Dangbei smart home projector F1.

Dangbei F1C (13).jpg

The user interface of Dangbei OS still follows the classic model. Each navigation item supports user-defined addition, subtraction, and sorting. Users can organize the UI desktop according to their preferences.The settings menu pops up on the right, and the Keystone correction is a highlight of the flagship update. It uses multiple sets of ToF lasers,

accelerometer, CMOS camera modules, and an internal ICCHIPS for image

processing to capture information. When the projector changes any angle, it quickly perceives,synchronized adjust the screen, and display a square screen for users at all times.

Dangbei F1C (14).jpg

Dangbei F1C (15).jpg

The Dual ToF and CMOS camera also allow for faster and more accurate

focusing. When real-time focusing is enabled, the projector automatically

senses the concentrate of the current image.It achieves fast clarity with a fantastic viewing experience.

Dangbei F1C (16).jpg

Long Press the remote control side keys, you can have an automatic focus on the current page quickly with significant effect.


No interference autofocus

Short pressing side buttons bring up the shortcut interface that complements the settings interface, meaning that users can invoke 3d functions, motion compensation, and focus at any time. You can enjoy the 3D film, sports, and other programs in a masterful way.

Dangbei F1C (17).jpg

The Dangbei smart home projector F1C updates the Dangbei OS with a new fast dust-cleaning function.It is almost impossible to avoid the dust on the projector lens.When Dangbei Smart home projector F1C designs a straight in and out ventilation channel to reduce the entry of the dust. The fast dust-cleaning function works as a double guarantee. When it is on, the projector releases a more massive running sound. Once the cleaning is complete, the sound ends.

There's also a practical new feature, called a 'diagnostic', that allows users to provide timely feedback for the operation problems they encounter. It simplifies the cycle of user feedback and ensures the problem to be detected correctly.

Dangbei F1C (18).jpg

Besides the contents you have, there are thousands of applications and online video resources.

Dangbei smart home projector F1C provides AI voice version 3.0 and supports more fluent and multi-speech dialogue. You can press the voice key on the remote control and say " download Dangbei market" to start application download.Let's download several movies and see how it looks.

Dangbei F1C (19).jpg

Sound and Image Testing

Deliver good content in the sharp image, and pleasing sounds is a high demand for a smart home projector. Dangbei smart home projector F1C supports 1920X1080 resolution output, 4K, and HDR10 decoding technology, with a brightness up to 1300 Ansi Lumens to reproduce theater effect to users. Below, we can see how it play 4K pictures from the light and shadow, color performance, character performance to feel the image quality effect of Dangbei projector F1C.

Dangbei F1C (20).jpg
Dangbei F1C (21).jpg

From the two images, you can see the lighting, water reflection, natural light are all involved.

Let's see how fruit and people look there.

Dangbei F1C (22).jpg
Dangbei F1C (23).jpg

The above image is how you see at night. If you wonder about the quality in the day time, let's have a look here. The picture's grayscale increases obviously, but still clear.

Dangbei F1C (24).jpg

Dangbei F1C (25).jpg

With MEMC motion compensation, Dangbei smart home projector F1 ensures that the movement of the picture bright and smooth.

Dangbei F1C (26).jpg

After watch movies, you can switch to Bluetooth Speaker Mode, enjoying your music time.

Dangbei F1C (27).jpg

Local performance

Both stable audio-visual output and smooth running of the system content requires a strong performance. Dangbei smart home projector F1C carries the MStar938 processor, uses 3GB and 32GB super large storage combination, supports 4TB capacity expansion, matches the new generation AC, supports 5g Wi-Fi connection. This configuration in the current mainstream intelligent projector industry still belongs to the top-level, check the test marks below for more ideas.

Dangbei F1C (28).jpg
Dangbei F1C (29).jpg

To further check the performance with more than a dozen of 4K, 3d, and

other film sources for local playback testing. The decoding capability of the powerful chip was indeed excellent, except for a couple of films with a relatively high bit rate, such as Cottonwood, the other film sources played smoothly.

Dangbei F1C (30).jpg


The Dangbei smart home projector F1C, based on a flagship configuration, improves user experience sufficiently. In fact, with the powerful MSTAR938 processor, 3GB/32GB storage, a 1080P true resolution output, 1300ansi Lumens, MEMC motion compensation, and a fully updated UI system, new features such as auto-focus and fast dust-cleaning function, it makes the user a brand unique experience.

Dangbei F1C (31).jpg

Till now, it's ready for you to make your decision for a modern smart home entertainment lifestyle. If you move a lot, or bored by limited room space, and have a dream of better family life, let Dangbei smart home projector to light up your dream of joy home.

Just click on the mall.dangbei.com or write to [email protected] to discover more home entertainment surprises.