BenQ W1130 review, good for watching movies


BenQ W1130 is a popular home projector with 1080P full HD resolution, 2300 lumens high brightness and support for HDR10+HLG and side projection, let's see how the BenQ W1130 review goes.

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BenQ W1130 review Picture​

Under the high brightness of 2300 lumens, the BenQ W1130 projector is always wonderful regardless of day or night, making movie watching more exciting. At the same time, it also uses LumiExpert technology to automatically detect ambient light and adjust the brightness.

In order to provide better picture quality, the BenQ W1130 projector is also equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate, equipped with HDMI2.0 high-speed transmission interface, playing high frame rate movies, and can be connected to the PS5 next-generation game console.

In addition, the BenQ W1130 projector is also equipped with CinematicColor color adjustment technology, which is adjusted according to the Rec.709 color standard, so that each color accurately falls within the color gamut.

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BenQ W1130 review Sound​

In terms of sound effects, the BenQ W1130 projector is equipped with CinemaMaster Audio + 2 audio enhancement technology, which brings four preset sound effects for games/music/sports/cinema, creating a more sensual sound effect experience for different usage scenarios.

In addition, the BenQ W1130 projector is also very convenient to install. It can project 100 inches from 2.5 meters. It supports side projection and 1.3 times large zoom, which can bring a good picture in any space.

As a home projector, the BenQ W1130 has a high-level viewing experience and is very suitable for watching movies.