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  1. K

    BenQ GK100 smart projector review

    BenQ GK100 is a smart projector and very suitable for home entertainment, let's see how the BenQ GK100 projector review goes. 1. BenQ GK100 Review Appearance BenQ GK100 smart projector is simple and pure under the design of white as the main tone, and it is integrated with the space. It also...
  2. LLLisa

    BenQ W1130 review, good for watching movies

    BenQ W1130 is a popular home projector with 1080P full HD resolution, 2300 lumens high brightness and support for HDR10+HLG and side projection, let's see how the BenQ W1130 review goes. BenQ W1130 review Picture Under the high brightness of 2300 lumens, the BenQ W1130 projector is always...
  3. G

    BenQ i930L laser TV review: can it replace TV?

    BenQ i930L laser TV style BenQ's new laser TV products, with a 100-inch light-resistant curtain for sale, by BenQ to adjust the color, the resolution of 4K, completely replace the TV. Here to see how the BenQ i930L laser TV review. 1. BenQ i930L Laser TV review: Display BenQ i930L laser TV is...
  4. H

    what should I use to clean BenQ projector lens?

    My BenQ projector lens is getting dirty, what should I use to clean it?
  5. Nadia

    How to fix the BenQ projector remote not working?

    This guide will show you how to fix the issue of the BenQ projector remote not working. 1. Check if your BenQ remote control battery is dead and replace it with a new one. 2. Please do not operate the remote control too far from the projector, keep the remote control within 7 meters of the...
  6. Z

    BenQ i962L vs i967L, What are the differences?

    Both BenQ i962L and i967L are 4K laser projectors, what are the differences between them? 1. Color difference: BenQ i962L is white while the BenQ i967L is black. 2. Sliding cover difference: The sliding cover of BenQ i962L is white painted metal, while the sliding cover of BenQ i967L is...