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    BenQ TH690SX Projector Pros and Cons

    BenQ TH690SX is a short-throw projector with a new 4LED light source, with excellent picture quality and functional configuration. How about the BenQ TH690SX projector? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the BenQ TH690SX features? 1. Optical parameters In terms of picture...
  2. EdwardKL

    BenQ TH690SX projector specs, with 0.65 inch chip and 120Hz

    BenQ has released a new ultra-short-throw projector, the TH690SX, priced at $1,099. The biggest highlight of this projector is the 0.65inch chip with a 120Hz refresh rate. Below are the specifications of the BenQ Ultra Short Throw Projector TH690SX...
  3. A

    BenQ E592 Smart Projector Review, Is it good?

    BenQ E592 smart projector is a new projector released in 2022. How about this projector? Let's take a look at the evaluation of this BenQ E592 projector. This projector is specially designed for business projection, with a 4000-lumen brightness display, even without a curtain, it can be...
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    BenQ RK9000 Review, 4k home projector

    BenQ RK9000 is a 4K home projector. This machine not only has high resolution, but also has a brightness of 3200 lumens, which can see every picture clearly even in a bright environment. Let's see how the BenQ RK9000 reviews. 4K resolution The BenQ RK9000 home projector has 8.3 million pixels...
  5. D

    How to adjust color grade with BenQ ISF settings?

    How to adjust the color of the BenQ projector? As a simple projector user, we can't fix the color correction tools of professional colorists, but we can use the advanced ISF settings built in BenQ projectors to adjust the color. What is ISF? ISF is one of the industry standards for display...
  6. C

    Is BenQ MX560 good for home use?

    The BenQ MX560 projector uses a bulb light source. What kind of configuration does it have? Let's take a look at whether this projector is suitable for use as a home projector. BenQ MX560 optical parameters BenQ MX560 adopts DLP display technology and traditional bulb light source. BenQ MX560...
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    BenQ MW560 Projector Specs Review

    Is BenQ MW560 good? Let's look at the specifications of BenQ MW560 Projector. BenQ MW560 adopts DLP display technology and a 0.65DMD display chip. The light source is a traditional bulb light source. In terms of brightness, the BenQ MW560 has a brightness of 4000 lumens. Using the lumen...
  8. L

    BenQ GV30 Rotating Portable Projector

    BenQ GV30 Rotary Portable Projector is now on the market, with a teardrop-shaped design, 720P resolution + 2.1-channel audio, priced at 3999 yuan. This projector features a portable design with a built-in battery that supports 2.5 hours of battery life. It has a lens that can rotate freely at...
  9. I

    How to turn the BenQ projector screen upside down?

    How to turn the BenQ projector screen upside down? Here is the guide on how to turn the BenQ projector screen upside down. 1. First, turn on the BenQ projector, press the "Menu" button on the remote control or the projector body to pop up the menu. 2. Then select: System...
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    BenQ Projector User Guide, All you want to know

    There are various aspects to consider when buying a BenQ projector, and you also need to understand how a BenQ projector is used. This article summarizes the use of BenQ projectors, hoping to be helpful to the beginners of BenQ projectors. What are the main parameters for choosing a BenQ...
  11. K

    BenQ GK100 smart projector review

    BenQ GK100 is a smart projector and very suitable for home entertainment, let's see how the BenQ GK100 projector review goes. 1. BenQ GK100 Review Appearance BenQ GK100 smart projector is simple and pure under the design of white as the main tone, and it is integrated with the space. It also...
  12. LLLisa

    BenQ W1130 review, good for watching movies

    BenQ W1130 is a popular home projector with 1080P full HD resolution, 2300 lumens high brightness and support for HDR10+HLG and side projection, let's see how the BenQ W1130 review goes. BenQ W1130 review Picture Under the high brightness of 2300 lumens, the BenQ W1130 projector is always...
  13. G

    BenQ i930L laser TV review: can it replace TV?

    BenQ i930L laser TV style BenQ's new laser TV products, with a 100-inch light-resistant curtain for sale, by BenQ to adjust the color, the resolution of 4K, completely replace the TV. Here to see how the BenQ i930L laser TV review. 1. BenQ i930L Laser TV review: Display BenQ i930L laser TV is...
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    what should I use to clean BenQ projector lens?

    My BenQ projector lens is getting dirty, what should I use to clean it?
  15. Nadia

    How to fix the BenQ projector remote not working?

    This guide will show you how to fix the issue of the BenQ projector remote not working. 1. Check if your BenQ remote control battery is dead and replace it with a new one. 2. Please do not operate the remote control too far from the projector, keep the remote control within 7 meters of the...
  16. Z

    BenQ i962L vs i967L, What are the differences?

    Both BenQ i962L and i967L are 4K laser projectors, what are the differences between them? 1. Color difference: BenQ i962L is white while the BenQ i967L is black. 2. Sliding cover difference: The sliding cover of BenQ i962L is white painted metal, while the sliding cover of BenQ i967L is...