Best 2022 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV QN700B


In 2022, Samsung brings the new second generation NEO QLED 8K TV QN700B. this product proves Samsung's relevance as a leading TV brand with perfect performance and is without a doubt one of the top TVs currently available on the market.

Why Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV is good?​

As the world's No. 1 TV manufacturer for 16 consecutive years, Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV QN700B can be said to be a "high-profile" product this year. With innovative technology and top-notch picture quality, Samsung NeoQLED 8K series TVs won the "Innovation Award" at CES2022. At this stage when consumers' attention is returning to the entertainment space in the large-screen living room, it seems that all brands and products must find their own positioning and audience. The QLED+Mini LED technology of Samsung Neo QLED TV is its hard power to stand out.
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In addition to the visual impact brought by the large screen, this large screen should also bring to the living space. If you want to find a brand that can perfectly interpret the relationship between technology and product form, Samsung must be one of them. Samsung TV has always been adhering to the design concept, everything is simple, and all the redundant elements that affect the user experience are hidden, and the whole product gives people a sense of restrained luxury.

The TV is the face of the living room, and the QN700B is definitely the best in the audience this year! What no one can refute is that a high-value TV adds extra points to the appearance of home decoration. In a sense, the public's requirements for TV brand and appearance are often greater than the requirements for performance. A good-looking TV has a leaping effect on the overall sense of technology in the living room.
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The split main unit of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV QN700B can be placed on the back of the base of the set, blending in perfectly with the base. At the same time, the split base can be better hidden when you choose to wall mount it. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV QN700B is still designed with a thin screen, and the power supply is also integrated into the body, so that the screen and the main unit only need a single cable to complete the power supply and video transmission of the new number. The cable uses a translucent design to better hide the cable when wall-mounted.
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2022 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV QN700B​

Appearance, to the picture quality, the two key words "advanced" and "experience" are prominent. The product positioning is high-end, the design is high-end, and the quality is naturally guaranteed. In terms of the rationality of the configuration and system, there are both good film sources and a smooth experience. In the author's opinion, this product definitely has the potential to be the "best in the audience" product in the TV industry this year!
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