Best 8K 65 inch TV, which one is worth buying?

Barend Ray

We already have a choice of at least a dozen models with different screen diagonals ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches. However, the 65-inch TV is the most popular. (Use TV Size Calculator to calculate the size of your TV to see which size fits your room or TV cabinet.)

So which model should you choose? Here is the list of the best 8K 65 inch TV.

1. Samsung QE65QN900A

Samsung QE65QN900A.jpg

The Samsung QE65QN900A TV is one of two 8K TV series (along with the QN800A series) offered in 2021. Here you can also get 8K resolution, Mini LED backlighting with 100 Hz matrix and HDR support (but no Dolby Vision).

2. Samsung QLED 65Q700TAT

Samsung QLED 65Q700TAT.jpg

The Samsung QLED 65Q700TAT is a QLED TV that goes on sale in 2020. Cheap 8K TVs (like cheap OLED TVs) may offer slightly different parameters than their competitors.

3. LG 65NANO953NA

LG 65NANO953NA.jpg

LG 65NANO953NA is the manufacturer's cheapest 8K TV this year. 65-inch NanoCell screen with α9 Gen3 AI 8K image processor with Direct LED (Full-Array Local Dimming) backlighting, and here's what the best Samsung TVs don't have, in addition to HDR10 and HLG --support for Dolby Vision, better contrast ratio.

4. Samsung QLED 8K QE65Q800TAT

Samsung QLED 8K QE65Q800TAT.jpg

The Samsung QLED 8K QE65Q800TAT represents a cheaper 8K TV with direct LED backlighting (full-array local dimming) available in 2020. This one runs on the Quantum Processor 8K image processor with advanced technologies such as Real 8K Resolution, 8K AI Upscaling and Direct Full Array 24X. Samsung TVs do not support Dolby Vision, so HDR10+ and HLG are mainly responsible for better contrast.

5. LG 65NANO993NA

LG 65NANO993NA.jpg

The LG 65NANO993 is another 8K TV from the manufacturer, but much better than the NANO95 series. In addition to the 8K image, NanoCell screen, the image quality is guaranteed through many technologies and additional options.

6. Samsung QLED 8K QE65Q950TST

Samsung QLED 8K QE65Q950TST.jpg

The Samsung QLED 8K QE65Q950TST is the second model in this year's 8K TV series. The more expensive model has a lot in common with the Q800T series. Here too, the Direct LED (Full Array Local Dimming) backlight, 100 Hz matrix, Quantum Processor 8K image processor, Real 8K Resolution technology and 8K AI Upscaling ensure perfect images. In addition to HDO10+ and HLG support, you get a higher direct full-array (32X) ratio.

7. Samsung QE65QN800A

Samsung QE65QN800A.jpg

The Samsung QE65QN800A is one of the first 8K TV series to be launched in 2021. Most importantly, this model offers an impressive 8K resolution, Mini LED backlighting with 100 Hz matrix and HDR support. Keep in mind that Samsung does not support Dolby Vision.