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  1. Appholic

    Samsung Launches 98-Inch 8K Neo QLED TV in South Korea

    Samsung has recently introduced its latest offering in South Korea, the 98-inch 8K Neo QLED TV, with the model number QNC990, priced at 49.9 million Korean won(about $39455). The news comes from Sammobile, a reputable source in the tech industry. The new Samsung 98-inch Neo QLED TV boasts an...
  2. L

    Can Samsung 8K TV Eco Mode trick the energy efficiency problem?

    In September last year, a new EU energy efficiency regulation shocked the entire 8K industry. The energy efficiency regulation sets the power consumption limit for 8K TVs (and microLED-based displays) so low that none of the 8K TVs currently on the market can meet, meaning the devices cannot be...
  3. EdwardKL

    Changhong to release China's first 8K Mini-LED TV

    It is said that Changhong TV will release China's first 8K high-definition Mini-LED TV at the spring new product launch conference on March 10, let us wait and see. Officials said that the newly upgraded Changhong TV new product on March 10 is expected to make the world see the debut of a...
  4. EdwardKL

    8K TVs will be limited in 2023 with slower growth

    According to DDay Italy, the European Commission has confirmed that its more stringent Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) will be implemented as planned in March 2023 without any changes. The new EEI will make it more challenging to sell 8K TVs in Europe in 2023. None of the 8K TVs currently on the...
  5. Felia

    Why TV need super-resolution algorithm?

    What is super-resolution algorithm? According to professional explanations, super-resolution imaging (SR) is a type of technology that enhances (increases) the resolution of an imaging system. In optical SR, the diffraction limit of the system is surpassed, while in geometric SR the resolution...
  6. Felia

    Samsung QN700B TV Review, is it worth trying?

    Samsung is working extremely hard to develop 8K LCD TVs, such as the 8K LCD TV Samsung QN700B, which is a TV with almost the best specifications on the market. Here's a review of the Samsung QN700B TV. How does the Samsung QN700B image perform? The Samsung QN700B's screen uses Mini ED...
  7. S

    TCL X925 Pro vs TCL X925: Common and Different

    TCL X925 Pro and TCL X925 are both 8K Mini LED TVs released in the same year. They are common in many aspects like Mini LED backlight, ports, and some picture process technology. Also, there are many differences like available sizes, appearance and audio. Now let's see the comparison details...
  8. Jemma

    Changhong Q9K MAX TV 8K 120Hz TV Released

    Changhong released the new flagship TV Q9K MAX series in 2022, offering 75-inch, 86-inch, 98-inch, and 110-inch models, all equipped with 8K 120Hz UMAX screens and built-in AI independent chips. How is this Changhong Q9K MAX TV review? The high-end TV market has never been as competitive as...
  9. G

    Samsung 2022 The Wall TV review: Micro LED, 8K 220-inch

    On May 10, 2022, ISE 2022, the world's largest audio-visual and integrated systems exhibition, was held in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung showcased its latest Micro LED product at this year's ISE show: the 2022 The Wall TV. What is the review of this product? 1. Samsung The Wall TV configuration...
  10. Grace's

    LG QNED99 2022 vs. LG QNED99 2021 TV, What's new?

    The 2021 LG QNED99 8K TV is highly acclaimed for its better local dimming capabilities and higher brightness through Mini LED backlight technology. This year, LG is back with an upgraded model. Let's see what's different between the LG QNED99 2022 and 2021 models. Difference 1. Processor...
  11. V

    LG Z2 Review, 2022 8K OLED TV

    LG Z2 OLED 8K TV has attached a lot of attention in 2022 as one of the high-end TVs. It is available in 77'' and 88'' sizes both in the US and UK. Here is the specification of LG Z2, and let's see how the LG Z2 Review goes. Model Name LG Z2 8K OLED Year 2022 Available Size 77''88''...
  12. Tommy_tvs

    Sony Z9K vs. Sony A95K TV, which is better?

    Both are the new Sony TVs for 2022, the Sony Z9K and Sony A95K represent different series of Sony and are very representative. This article will compare these two TVs and see what the differences are. Model Name Sony Z9K Sony A95K Model Year 2022 2022 Display Type LCD OLED Backlight...
  13. Tommy_tvs

    Samsung 2022 TV Lineup Review and Comparison

    2022 also saw the launch of many new Samsung TVs, including new versions of last year's award-winning TV models. 2022 saw the launch of new Micro LED TVs, Neo QLED 4K and an exciting 8K TV. This article will be constantly updated with reviews/comparative reviews/Q&A of these new products.
  14. C

    Best Smart TV 2022 New Models for Samsung, LG, TCL

    Currently, there are mainly OL ED and LED TVs in today's market. They all have their own characteristics and it mainly depends on personal preference. Here are our picks for the best Samsung, LG, and TCL Smart TVs in 2022. 1. SAMSUNG Neo QLED 8K QN900A Series Main Features: ● QUANTUM MATRIX...
  15. G

    Samsung 2022 Neo QLED 8K TV Highlight

    Samsung launches its new Neo QLED 8K TV in 2022, how is it? Let's have a look. The 8K Neo QLED series TV has a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320, a 50Hz refresh rate, is equipped with a neuron quantum dot 8K processor Lite version image engine, supports QHDR 32x high dynamic range, and supports 8K...
  16. Felia

    LG Z2 8K OLED 2022 Parameter Details

    It is reported that LG's first OLED TV-LG Z2 8K OLED TV is officially launched. According to official reports, this Z2 8K OLED model will be available in 77 and 88 sizes, priced at $12,500 and $24,500, respectively. Compared with the previous Z2 model, the LG Z2 TV will be equipped with 8K-level...
  17. Tommy_tvs

    Sony Z9K 8K TV Specs, Is it good?

    This year's new Sony TVs and new technologies are very much anticipated, the top end of which is the Sony Z9K TV, equipped with an 8K mini-LED display screen. In terms of sound quality, the Z9K uses 85W Acoustic Multi-Audio, through the multiple magic frame sound field speakers located on the...
  18. P

    What is the difference between 4k and 8k TV?

    The difference between 4k and 8k TV is as follows: 8K TV has a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels, which is 4 times that of 4K TV; The refresh rate of 8K TV screens is generally 120Hz, and the refresh rate of 4K TV screens is generally below 60Hz; 8K video transmission requires at least 500Mbps...
  19. H

    What is the most affordable 8K TV?

    What is the most affordable 8K TV? Does anyone have some ideas?
  20. Barend Ray

    Best 8K 65 inch TV, which one is worth buying?

    We already have a choice of at least a dozen models with different screen diagonals ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches. However, the 65-inch TV is the most popular. (Use TV Size Calculator to calculate the size of your TV to see which size fits your room or TV cabinet.) So which model should...