Can UST screens be wall mounted?


Either way, mounting the curtain on the wall is fine. As long as you make sure you have enough space and the curtain is not easy to take down if you do so


I recommend mounting the projector screen on the wall and placing the UST projector on the table. After all, it can be placed close to the screen!

UST projector


Confused by your question. If you have a wall with no direct light, I think it is suitable for mounting your screen
First of all, you have to figure out the anti-light direction of the UST screen. Generally speaking, the anti-light direction of UST is to resist the light from the ceiling. If your projector is installed on the ceiling, the light reflected by the projector will be is absorbed and reflected, resulting in a very dark projected image. If you insist on installing the projector on the ceiling, then you should choose the UST with the anti-light direction coming from below, I know that vivostorm has this technology to do it, maybe you can contact them to have a look.