Cheap Decent Projectors Ranking from TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers

If you have seen my last projector buying guide 2020, you wil know that VANKYO, DR.J Professoional ranks top among demostic projector market for their cheap price. Howener, how much does a decent projector cost? We will find out the Cheap Decent Projectors Ranking from TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers:

Price of TOP 100 Amazon Best Projector Sellers

First, the price distribution of all brands is based on the overall data source. It can be found that the selling prices of most brands are concentrated in the range of less than 200 US dollars, with an average value of 263 and a median value of 169.99.

The difference between the mean and the median is large, indicating that an outlier has affected the data distribution. From the picture, we can see that LG's selling price is around 2300, which is much higher than other brands' pricing. At the same time, the shade of the color in the figure indicates the number of evaluations. It can be seen that the darker colored areas are distributed below $200. Among them, there are two regions with the darkest color of 100 dollars, DBPOWER and VANKYO, which are domestic brands. It can be seen from the price data that domestic brands pay more attention to evaluation accumulation than international brands.

Cheap Decent Projectors Ranking from TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers

The picture selects the competitors selected above, a total of 11 brands. By brand geographical division, blue represents domestic brands and orange represents international brands. It can be seen that the selling price of domestic brands is mainly concentrated in the range of less than 400 US dollars, of which more than 200 US dollars. International brands do not have products under $100, and high, middle, and low prices are distinct, reaching a maximum of $1300, mostly distributed in the 400-800 range. At the same time, it can be seen that the same brand is distributed in different price segments, such as ViewSonic, BenQ, Optoma. Here you can see the premium capacity of international brands, the overall average price is higher than domestic brands, and the product line is distinct, forming a brand advantage . The price strategy of domestic brands is to hit the market with low prices to seize entry-level users. Only a few brands have begun to try relatively high-priced markets, such as VANKYO, ARTlii, WOWOTO.

Cheap Decent Projectors Ranking from TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers

Figure 2 of the price distribution of competing products is to represent a brand with each color, and remove the geographical classification, you can clearly see the distribution of the price of a single brand. For example, BenQ has products in most price ranges, and there are target brands in nearby price ranges. In the price segment with BenQ, there must be products of his main competitor, ViewSonic or Optoma, and BenQ has more products than its competitors. From this point, we can see that BenQ's product layout is slightly better, and the product line is perfect. It should be noted that the data source is extracted from the American Amazon, so the comparison of Japanese brands is missing.


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