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Dangbei D series new product D5X is on the market. Compared with the previous generation, Dangbei D5X has a lightweight body, which is more in line with the needs of modern young people. At the same time, the configuration has been further upgraded. Specifically, the actual use of this projector How effective is it? Let's find out through the actual measurement experience, and see what kind of charm the thin and light projection has.


01/Dangbei D5X unpacking

Friends who have seen Dangbei U1 before opening the box should have discovered that recently Dangbei Projector has been very careful in the outer packaging of new products, and the unpacking design will add a sense of ceremony. This time D5X The same goes for the packaging.


The packaging of Dangbei Laser Ultra Short Focus U1 adopts a file box design, while Dangbei D5X adopts a movie allegro design. Turn on "Allegro", immediately start the home theater, and enjoy your own movie-watching moments.


In addition, there are stickers and thank you cards in the box of Dangbei D5X, and the stickers happen to be the theme of the Year of the Rabbit in the lunar calendar.



02/ Appearance of Dangbei D5X

After opening the package, the first sight I saw of Dangbei D5X mainframe reminded me of the Mac Mini with added internal power and more domineering. From the perspective of looking down, the D5X is indeed very similar to the Mac Mini. I believe that the performance of the D5X should not be underestimated just like the Mac Mini.


After a series of observations and touches, it is deduced that the D5X should be made of skin-friendly and delicate space gray plastic material, decorated with metal and glass. There is a long piece of glass on the front lens part, which adds a bit of quality to the appearance of the product. The main function of this piece of glass is to protect the projection lens, ToF module and camera.


In terms of size, the bare D5X is 195*195*47.5mm, only the thickness of a book; the weight is less than 1kg, which is only the weight of a cup of latte. Such a thin and light design makes it very convenient to move and carry even for female users.

The metal honeycomb screen on both sides of the fuselage has dts HD and Dolby Audio screen-printed. It seems that Dangbei D5X can support Dolby and DTS. In the test playback section, we will also try to play different sources to test D5X. We will discuss the details later. Let's talk again.


Turning to the back, it can be divided into three modules from left to right, power button, cooling vent and expansion interface. The interface is equipped with HDMI2.1 (supporting eARC), USB2.0, 3.5mm Audio and DC power interface, which can be expanded to connect game consoles, audio equipment, and U/hard disk. At the same time, the power button has a single-color LED indicator light, which is convenient for users to judge the status of the projector. The LED light is on when it is plugged in and not turned on; after it is turned on, the LED light will go out.


The thin and light design is not only reflected in the projector, but also in the remote control and power adapter. The remote control of the D5X is a new long-handled Dangbei remote control. The back adopts an arc-shaped design, which enhances the grip, as if holding a lightsaber. The adapter is an integrated wall power adapter, small in size, easy to store and more portable.


This is the end of the appraisal of the appearance part. The appearance design of Dangbei D5X and its accessories can be described as "lightweight". The pursuit of exquisite and convenient products also confirms the slogan of D5X light, thin and extraordinary.


03/ Dangbei D5X system After

talking about the lightness and thinness, let’s take a look at the extraordinary features of D5X.

I believe that the vast majority of users should be most concerned about film and television resources for home smart viewing equipment. The built-in Dangbei OS of D5X brings together many film and television content such as Mango TV, iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, etc., which can fully meet the needs of users to watch movies at home. If you want to see a new album, you can get the result feedback through the whole network search function, and you can get it right away. Moreover, it is Dangbei's only function to search for movies on the whole network. While searching for movies, it also provides application downloads for playback sources, which saves you the trouble of finding movies.


System home page

Search the whole network
But for me, film and television resources cannot reflect the excellence of a TV system. I will pay more attention to system experience and product functions, and Dangbei OS, which has always paid attention to user experience, really supports many interesting and practical functions. For example, Magic Screen, Dangbei Atmosphere Screensaver, remote control side buttons and Findme remote control retrieval, etc. Let me introduce a few functions that I personally find very useful, and talk about its usage scenarios.

Magic Screen

Just listen to the words Magic Screen, you must think that this is a function similar to screen projection. It is not. Magic Screen can be understood as a function that is controlled by the mobile phone as the Beijia app, and the projector responds in real time. You can control the large screen projection with your mobile phone. The point is that it supports remote same-screen control, which is suitable for remotely assisting the elderly and children to play TV. When the main user of the projector is working in the company, and the elderly at home want to watch TV, they can use the magic same screen function to play for the elders.


Ambient Screensaver

Ambient is an application we found in the application center, and it is pre-installed. After launching the application, we found that this is a tool software that can be set as a screen saver. This software has a lot of theme wallpapers, which can display a very atmospheric home scene on the wall through the projected light and shadow effects. At the same time, you can also choose a mask effect in the atmosphere setting, which can create an atmosphere background wall for shooting.


atmosphere app
The side buttons

of the remote control The side buttons of the Dangbei remote control are inherited from the first Dangbei projector. There are two side buttons on the right side of the D5X remote control, one for quick auto focus and the other for In the outgoing shortcut center. Call out the autofocus through the side button, which is easier to operate than other projectors. Among the projectors I know, many projections still need to enter the settings to arouse the focus, which is much more cumbersome than Dangbei projection.



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Findme remote retrieval The remote retrieval

function can be traced back to Dangbei's first projector. In fact, this function is a bit like an AirTag tracker, but Dangbei's FindMe function was applied to hardware devices in 2019. When the remote control is not known where it is placed, click Find Remote Control on the Dangbeijia app, and the remote control will make a "beep beep" prompt sound, and you can find the remote control through the sound direction. Never worry about losing the remote again.


After introducing these four functions, you can feel the importance that Dangbei attaches to scene functions and user experience; and this is also reflected in the screen projection usage scene.

The earliest Dangbei projector used a customized version of the Lebo projection screen, but users reported that there were too many advertisements when projecting the screen. After that, Dangbei projection screen was developed and gradually applied to all Dangbei projectors and Dangbei projectors. on the box.

The Dangbei screen projection we experienced not only has strong screen projection stability, but also has no advertisements. I can't help but sigh "being a Dangbei user is really happy". If you also want Dangbei screencasting without ads, you can also go to Dangbei Market to download it.


In fact, there are many other functions supported on Dangbei OS, such as global shortcut center, remote message, multi-user mode, desktop DIY, etc., and the above functions are my impression after experiencing Dangbei D5X system A few deep points. In order to highlight the product features of Dangbei D5X, it is necessary to reflect it in the evaluation article.


04/Dangbei D5X image quality After

talking so much, it's time to test the image quality effect. Let's briefly understand the optical and mechanical parameters of Dangbei D5X.

According to the official parameter introduction, D5X adopts DLP display technology, 0.33DMD display chip, 1080P resolution, LED light source, brightness of 1100ANSI lumens, and projection ratio of 1.2:1.

Let’s briefly understand DLP display technology, which is to digitally process the image signal and then project it through light; it is mainly used in high-resolution display and advanced light control solutions, and it is also currently used in smart home projectors. The widest range of technologies. The resolution of Dangbei D5X reaches 1080P, and 1080P is also the projection resolution I recommend, which can be regarded as the entry threshold for projectors.


The light source adopts OSRAM 3LED light path design, that is, the three primary colors of RGB, and the brightness reaches 1100 ANSI lumens. You can see the picture clearly even under strong light; but if you want a more immersive theater experience, it is recommended that you use it in a scene with low ambient light.

The real picture below is the projection effect of Dangbei D5X in a low-light environment. Let's take a look together.

It can be seen from the picture that Dangbei D5X has a relatively high color richness, and the color rendering is more accurate, and the details on the image are more delicate, especially in the lotus petals, where the meridians of the petals can be clearly distinguished.




We also tested online video. The expressions of the characters in the movie screen are also more moving. Coupled with the immersion of the large screen, watching the movie makes people more immersed in the movie.




In addition, we mentioned Dolby and DTS when we introduced the appearance above. With its excellent hardware strength, Dangbei D5X can support the playback of Dolby and DTS sources, and also has HDR effects. Therefore, we found different video resources for test playback, and confirmed that Dangbei D5X can play Dolby and DTS normally, and successfully lit up the icon.


DTS bottom right

Dolby top left
The HDR effect can be switched on and off manually in the settings, so we compared the HDR switch when playing the HDR source, and we can see that the difference between the brightness and darkness of the picture is also extremely significant.


The image quality of Dangbei D5X is completely beyond my expectation. I didn't expect that the D5X with a price of 3,000 can adjust the picture to such a realistic effect; its playback ability is far beyond my imagination.

Performance Next, let's understand the hardware configuration of Dangbei D5X. Dangbei D5X is equipped with MediaTek MT9669 SOC, quad-core A73 CPU, and Mali-G52 GPU. It is already a flagship processor in projection products and can have trillion-level computing power per second. The memory is also upgraded to 3GB AM and 16GB ROM to ensure the operation of the system.

We conducted a running score test on D5X through geekbench5, and the final single-core and multi-core scores are relatively high, so there is no need to worry about the computing processing power.


In addition to the system configuration, Dangbei D5X has also upgraded the perception system. It has upgraded a new ToF and camera solution, supports multi-point ToF (time-of-flight sensor) + CMOS dual configuration, and can identify the projection environment more quickly and accurately. And make further correction adjustments.

The performance improvement of the perception system can speed up the recognition speed and calibration accuracy of automatic correction, intelligent obstacle avoidance and automatic screen entry, and present a square projection screen at all times, which is convenient for users to watch movies.


We tried D5X's automatic keystone correction and intelligent obstacle avoidance and other features, and after many correction tests, the calibration efficiency and success rate are very high. For a thin, light and portable projector, it is bound to become a bonus item to have fast, accurate and ruthless calibration capabilities.


keystone correction


Intelligent obstacle avoidance


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Finally, we also tested the main game mode. We connected PS5 and Dangbei D5X via HDMI, and at the same time turned on the extremely fast game mode in the settings of D5X, and after many tests, the delay was only 22ms.

When experiencing the game, you can clearly feel the smooth movement of the game characters, and also experience the feedback efficiency when the handle triggers the action. I also invited a number of friends to try out SPIDER-MAN in turn. The game operations of the friends were handy, and they all gave pertinent evaluations.


Turn on game mode

game screen

05/Dangbei D5X evaluation summary In

summary, the Dangbei D5X projector’s appearance, system, and image quality are detailed evaluation content. From it, it can be found that Dangbei D5X, as a thin and light smart projector, has a great impact on the appearance design of the product and its accessories. In terms of design, it pursues the maximum portable design, which can adapt to many types of home decoration styles, and can also be used for outdoor projection. At the same time, the convenient operating system, excellent picture effects, and precise perceptual correction bring users a completely new experience.


Dangbei D5X projector features:

1. The body is thin and light, easy to carry;
2. The picture is transparent and the color is accurate;
3. The configuration is powerful and the function is rich;
4. The interface is rich and expandable.


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What are dToF lidar and omniscient AI vision algorithms?

Imagine turning on the Dangbei D5X projector at home, and a clear and square picture will appear in front of you within a few seconds after turning it on. When there are obstacles or curtains in front of you, the machine can also quickly identify them and choose to avoid them or enter the screen automatically. The operation makes the user extremely comfortable to use. The realization of the above functions is actually indispensable to the advanced smart technology adopted by Dangbei D5X projector - multi-zone dToF lidar, omniscient AI vision algorithm. The addition of these two technologies can be described as even more powerful, bringing depth perception to Dangbei D5X and computing power.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the projector industry, environmental perception technology has become a research hotspot. Usually, projectors can realize autonomous intelligence through the powerful environmental perception technology of sensors. One of the current mainstream sensing solutions is ToF technology, which is divided into two types: iToF and dToF. The dToF lidar technology used by Dangbei D5X projector has entered the high-end electronic market with its multi-dimensional detection advantages. Currently, as long as it is For scenes that require absolute accurate distance measurement, dToF is required, including common large-screen lock screen unlocking applications, AR game applications, etc. And apply it to relevant smart devices, the advanced nature of its technology is self-evident.

What is dToF lidar? It refers to "direct time of flight (Direct ToF)", that is, to directly emit a light pulse to the measurement object, and then measure the time interval between the reflected light pulse and the emitted light pulse, so as to obtain the time of flight of the light. This function of Dangbei D5X projector adopts the multi-point dToF of SPAD technology, which can arbitrarily define 4*4 ROI areas in 12*18 SPADs to detect the distance at the same time, and supports long-distance ranging and multi-angle measurement. Ultra-high precision monitoring can be realized.

Compared with iToF (Indirect ToF), it has faster response speed, higher measurement accuracy, and better anti-environmental interference performance. The measurement accuracy will not decrease with the increase of distance, and it can capture higher accuracy and higher reliability at long distances. Degree of depth information, the measurement error in different distances is more stable than most other solutions.


Reflected in the Dangbei D5X projector, it can achieve faster, more accurate, and more detailed measurement results. The user can move the machine at will, and the projector can also instantly complete the non-sensing focus and non-sensing trapezoidal correction, and present a square and smooth image within one second. Clear picture effect, strong user experience.


Of course, the dToF lidar technology alone cannot satisfy the more intelligent operation of the projector. In fact, the machine itself needs a "perception brain" that can calculate. At this time, the omniscient AI vision algorithm plays a key role, which can significantly improve the current With the intelligent experience of Bei D5X projector in complex scenes, the machine can achieve "the more you use it, the smarter it is".

The omniscient AI vision algorithm is mainly based on the AI vision algorithm model of deep learning. Compared with traditional algorithms, it has more powerful data analysis and processing capabilities. The algorithm is modeled on a neural network, which can integrate advanced algorithm technologies such as artificial intelligence, image processing, pattern recognition, intelligent analysis, and signal processing into diversified scenarios. feature. During use, the system has high recognition and strong anti-interference ability, and its reliability is very strong.

In the process of using the projector, the user can clearly feel the various forms of adjustment and sensing functions such as auto focus, keystone correction, automatic screen entry, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc., which can run quickly and stably. Compared with other machines, its speed is improved. Double, the calculation process has higher accuracy and stronger stability, and the experience is the best among products of the same level.


Therefore, when the dToF lidar technology and the omniscient AI vision algorithm are perfectly combined, the Dangbei D5X projector has a set of super intelligent perception system, and the NPU of the main chip MT9669 provides 1 trillion times per second for complex algorithms. Computing power, the super environment adaptive ability of Dangbei D5X was born, which can greatly reduce the tedious adjustment steps of users during use:


● Auto-focus: without the user’s perception, the clear adjustment of the picture can be completed instantly, real-time monitoring and avoiding the blur of the picture;

● Keystone correction: in the operation of side projection, reverse projection, etc. Precisely adjust the picture to a square picture suitable for viewing;

● Automatic screen entry: Automatically identify the screen area, and accurately align the projection screen with the screen, so that the process is fast and accurate;

● Automatic obstacle avoidance: Identify obstacles in the projection area And intelligently avoid it, choose the most suitable blank area to display the screen;

● Anti-glare eye protection: Perfectly grasp the user's activity track, when people block the screen, it can accurately sense and realize the smart screen to avoid direct glare of human eyes, Take care of users' eyes.

As a ceiling-level projector known as a "performance monster", the practical functional experience brought by Dangbei D5X can be said to make users' eyes shine. It has a complete intelligent system, through super intelligent algorithms and perception , to truly free hands for users and experience intelligent advanced technology. Not only that, Dangbei D5X has also broken through the upper limit of performance, super large running memory, larger display chip, brighter display brightness, and operating system with more gameplay functions, all of which make it the best choice for users. choose.