Dangbei F3 VS. Dangbei New F3, which should I choose?


Dangbei released a new product last night, Dangbei New F3, which is actually an upgraded version of the old model F3. This new model is not much more expensive than the old one, so what are the upgrades anyway? And which one should you choose?

Dangbei New F3

1. Let's see the comparison.

Model NameDangbei F3Dangbei New F3
Brightness2050 ANSI Lumens2150 ANSI Lumens
Display Chip0.47 inch DMD chip0.47 inch DMD chip
Display TechnologyDLPDLP
Standard Resolution1080P(1920*1080)1080P(1920*1080)
Maximum Supported Resolution4K4K
Throw Ratio1.2:11.2:1
Keystone Correctionautofully auto
auto focusautofocuslaser non-inductive autofocus
Lamp TypeLED lightLED light
CPUMstar6a938 (8-core)Mstar6a938 (8-core)
Operating SystemAndroidAndroid
Sensory eye protectionnoyes
Intelligent obstacle avoidancenoyes
auto screen adjustmentnoyes
3.5mm audio*1*1

2. Brightness

Dangbei New F3 has updated the brightness to 2150 ANSI lumens, the same brightness as the XGIMI H3s.

Dangbei new f3.jpg

3. Autofocus

Dangbei NEW F3 upgraded the camera module of the focus, from the original 720P upgrade to 1080P, more accurate autofocus!

Dangbei NEW F3

4. Other upgrades

The Dangbei NEW F3, like the Dangbei F3, uses a Texas Instruments 0.47-inch DMD chip with true 1080P resolution and supports 4K video playback. Come with HDR and USB 3.0. In that way, you can build your own home cinema.

This New F3 supports sensory eye protection, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and auto screen adjustment which F3 doesn't support.