dangbei new f3

  1. R

    Dangbei F3Air VS NEW F3 Projector: What's different?

    Dangbei F3Air VS NEW F3 Projector: What's different? Dangbei F3Air is a new projector officially launched by Dangbei. It has an excellent performance configuration and a very affordable price. So what are the differences between Dangbei F3Air projector and NEWF3? Dangbei F3Air VS NEW F3...
  2. L

    Dangbei New F3 projector, how to connect to the remote?

    Dangbei New F3 is an upgraded projector of Dangbei F4 This guide will show you how to connect Dangbei New F3 projector to the remote. 1. Put your Dangbei remote control approaching on the Dangbei F5 projector. 2. Press the Home button (the house icon) and Menu button on the Dangbei remote...
  3. Elena

    Dangbei New F3 vs. JMGO J1O Projector Review

    Dangbei has a brand new product recently, Dangbei New F3. Actually, it is the updated version of its popular model, Dangbei F3. So compared with JMGO J10, which is at the same price range as Dangbei New F3, which is better? Let's see the review. 1. Parameters...
  4. Gabe

    Dangbei NEW F3 Review, is it good?

    Dangbei NEW F3 released yesterday, is it good? 1. Optical parameters NEW F3 uses a new generation of RGBB four-channel architecture LED lamp set which achieves a new breakthrough of brightness reaching 2150ANSI lumens Display: built-in 0.47DMD display chip(like Dangbei F2), 1080P resolution...
  5. Gabe

    Dangbei F3 VS. Dangbei New F3, which should I choose?

    Dangbei released a new product last night, Dangbei New F3, which is actually an upgraded version of the old model F3. This new model is not much more expensive than the old one, so what are the upgrades anyway? And which one should you choose? 1. Let's see the comparison...