Dangbei Mars Pro 4k Photos Vídeos Impressions


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Guys post photos videos personal analysis impressions who has the Dangbei Mars Pro. share the experience with us.

I want to know the opinions of everyone who has the projector.


Dangbei Mars Pro 4K projector.jpg

If you are looking for a large screen and good picture quality, the Dangbei Mars Pro should not disappoint you. After all, TVs and projectors with 4K resolution are expensive, and this projector I think is very good value for money.


The Mars Pro is a 4K projector, but if you put it on a white wall, you can still see the grain on the wall, which affects the viewing effect.
You can enjoy your home theater even during the day if you have an ALR light resistant screen.


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Yes, with an ALR screen or a light gray tone, you can have an even better experience


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