Dangbei NEW F3 Review, is it good?


Dangbei NEW F3 released yesterday, is it good?

1. Optical parameters

NEW F3 uses a new generation of RGBB four-channel architecture LED lamp set which achieves a new breakthrough of brightness reaching 2150ANSI lumens

Display: built-in 0.47DMD display chip(like Dangbei F2), 1080P resolution, to meet the needs of the current stage of home projectors, 1080P is also the most mainstream resolution of the current projector.

Dangbei NEW F3

2. Configuration parameters

Dangbei NEW F3 projector continues to use the MSD6A938 quad-core processor in its system configuration, with high processor performance and fast computing power. Storage is 4 + 64GB combination so you can install more third-party software applications. The system UI is Dangbei OS2.0 flagship version, with standard, elders and children's mode, also supports cell phone remote control, remote control, and desktop DIY and other functions.

3. Performance Parameters

Since the Dangbei NEW F3 projector has upgraded the ToF+ CMOS camera module and adopted a higher definition camera, it has improved the efficiency of the projector in auto keystone correction and laser autofocus, and the auto-correction speed is much faster than the Dangbei F3. The Dangbei NEW F3 projector also adds intelligent obstacle avoidance, automatic screen adjustment and eye protection mode. In eye protection mode, it will automatically off screen when it senses blocking, intelligent obstacle avoidance and automatic screen adjustment are features applied to the Dangbei X3, which will also be realized on the Dangbei NEW F3 now.

Dangbei NEW F3 Review


4. Interface parameters

The NEW F3 is equipped with a relatively rich interface, dual USB3.0 interface, faster-reading speed; dual HDMI interfaces, one of which also supports ARC back; LAN network interface, direct network connection; 3.5mm audio output, external audio and other devices.

Dangbei NEW F3 Review

5. Electrical parameters

Dangbei NEW F3 projector has an 18V/10A power supply, power consumption is slightly higher compared to the F3, about 160W, audio for the two 8W, noise remains relatively low, less than 28dB.