Dangbei sponsors Serbia in 2022 World Cup: will it be the Dark Horse?


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Dangbei Sponsors Serbia in 2022 World Cup​

The World Cup has begun. A company from China, Dangbei, sponsored the Serbian football team in the World Cup. Some people predict that Serbia may be a dark horse in the 2022 World Cup. What do you think? Will Serbia be a dark horse for the 2022 World Cup?

Dangbei Sponsors Serbia in 2022 World Cup

For many fans, the four-year World Cup is like a gluttonous feast in the football world. Athletes fought for their dreams one after another, creating countless topics. In addition to the legends written by top teams, the legends of dark horses are equally exciting. Senegal in 2002, Uruguay in 2010, Costa Rica in 2014, and Croatia in 2018 all had inspirational and touching stories. Who will become the dark horse in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

What makes dark horse in the World Cup?​

When we discuss whether a team has the potential to become a dark horse, strength, stars, status and tactics are all factors that must be considered. Strength and stars are the basis for the rise of a dark horse. After all, a dark horse may be more powerful than famous, but it is absolutely impossible to achieve its rise out of thin air. The status and tactics will determine the performance in actual combat. Football is a war in an era of peace, and the adaptation of tactics can activate the potential of the team. On this basis, state can greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of a team.

What makes dark horse in the World Cup?

2022 World Cup Dark Horse With Potentials: Serbia​

So in the Qatar World Cup, which teams have the above potential? Some people will say Senegal, the African champion, and some will mention Japan, the ceiling of Asian football. Everyone sees it differently. In terms of strength, stars, status and tactics, there is another European team-Serbia.

2022 World Cup Dark Horse With Potentials: Serbia

With Talent and Courage​

As part of the former Yugoslavia, Serbia has inherent talent and courage. However, in the several World Cups that they participated in as independent subjects, they were all unfortunately eliminated in the group stage. However, in the qualifiers for this World Cup, the Balkans played quite strongly. They had one win and one tie against Portugal, especially in the last game, they won the game and qualified first in the group. It shows that the strength of this team should not be underestimated.

With Talent and Courage

Football Players in their Prime​

What's more, Serbia is also home to a number of stars in their prime, such as Aleksandar Mitrović, Dušan Vlahović, Dušan Tadić and Sergej Milinković. In addition, a large number of core players from Serie A teams are gathered, making the Balkan Eagles' midfield very strong.

Football Players in their Prime

Offensive Soccer Coach Stojkovic​

In addition to a group of talented players, Serbia also has a manager to make the team to achieve its potential, that is, the offensive soccer coach Stojkovic. After coaching the Serbian national team, the Serbian changed the Serbian style of play and injected the concept of offensive soccer into the tactical system.

Offensive Soccer Coach Stojkovic

Team Status at the Hignt Point​

As for the team's state, Serbia is also at a high point. Not only did they hold off Portugal to advance directly from the qualifying rounds, they also managed to move up to A-level in the group where Sweden and Norway are in the 2022 UEFA Nations League competition. In the past five UEFA Nations League matches, Serbia's record is four wins and one draw, including the exciting battles of 4-1 Sweden and 2-0 Norway.

Team Status at the Hignt Point

In fact, Serbia has a lot of connections with China and Chinese soccer. Bora Milutinović, who led the Chinese national football team to the 2002 World Cup, is a Serbian, and Serbia also has a deep and long-standing relationship with China. In recent years, China has actively helped Serbia in the fight against the epidemic and has given a lot of help in economic and diplomatic aspects, and the international relations between Serbia and China have reached an unprecedented height and depth. As a result, many Chinese have supported the Serbian soccer team in the World Cup and predicted that Serbia could become one of the dark horse teams in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

What's the best device for watching the World Cup?​

Now, here's a question: How do you watch the Qatar World Cup matches? How to watch the World Cup is the most enjoyable? Some fans will say using their cell phones, some are used to watching it on TV. However, many young people will choose a projector with a super large screen of up to 300 inches.

What's the best device for watching the World Cup?

Why Choose Dangbei Projector to watch World Cup?​

One of the best projectors for watching the World Cup is likely to be the Dangbei Mars Pro. Whether it's day or night, you'll be able to enjoy high-definition colorful images. And it features 4K resolution, 3200Ansi lumens, Dolby Audio, and AI true color engine to bring the ultimate experience in any light condition.

Why Choose Dangbei Projector to watch World Cup?

Why choose Dangbei Mars Pro projector to watch the World Cup? In point of fact, Dangbei is a company that produces professional home smart projectors. During the World Cup in Qatar, Dangbei projectors were linked together with the Serbian national team and started a deep cooperation to help the Balkan Eagles create achievements.

dangbei projector

Dangbei, the leading brand of smart projectors, officially announced in 2022 that it has signed a contract with the Serbian national soccer team to become the official sponsor of the Serbian Football Federation. As the exclusive projector partner of the Serbian national soccer team, Dangbei projectors will cooperate closely on many levels, including brand and product, to show the world the brand power of Chinese intelligent projectors.

Dangbei sponsor in the World Cup

On the soccer field, Serbia is constantly surpassing itself, and so is Dangbei. Dangbei always focuses on user needs and insists on independent innovation, and their hardware products have won international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award in Germany and the A'Design Award in Italy. In just three years of joining the projector circuit, Dangbei has quickly become one of the top two brands in the smart projector market, becoming the only brand in the industry with the first growth force for three consecutive years, and it is also a rapidly growing brand in the Chinese projector market.

What do you think of the sponsorship of Dangbei in the World Cup?​

Nowadays, the globalization trend of Chinese brands is accelerating, and world-class sports events have become the door knocker for Chinese brands to open overseas markets. The repeated communication of World Cup-level sporting events helps companies build a stable brand image and achieve intensive communication coverage for the whole population. After this sponsorship of the Serbian national team, Dangbei will also be the exclusive partner of the Serbian national team projector for marketing communication during the 2022 Qatar World Cup tournament.

What do you think of the sponsorship of Dangbei in the World Cup?

In fact, the reason why Dangbei has the courage to sponsor World Cup sports is based on its excellent product quality. Dangbei's smart hardware and big-screen device ecology are quite outstanding. Its first projector for global users, Dangbei Mars Pro 4K laser projector, can bring users the ultimate large-screen viewing experience.

Dangbei Mars Pro Home Projector

Dangbei projector brings the perfect viewing experience for Qatar World Cup fans. Watching the World Cup matches on a projector, you can see every detail on a clear and smooth super-sized screen. Serbia is in the same group as Brazil, Switzerland, and Cameroon in the World Cup. Do you think they can be another dark horse and come out of the group?