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  1. EdwardKL

    Dangbei sponsors Serbia in 2022 World Cup: will it be the Dark Horse?

    Dangbei Sponsors Serbia in 2022 World Cup The World Cup has begun. A company from China, Dangbei, sponsored the Serbian football team in the World Cup. Some people predict that Serbia may be a dark horse in the 2022 World Cup. What do you think? Will Serbia be a dark horse for the 2022 World...
  2. Clive Carter

    What is the best projector to watch the World Cup?

    The 2022 Qatar World Cup is about to start. Can I watch the World Cup with a projector other than a traditional TV or mobile phone? Yes. Which projectors are good for watching the World Cup? let's see. What is the best projector to watch the World Cup? Clear picture quality The biggest...
  3. K

    2022 Qatar World Cup Approaching, Dangbei Becomes the official sponsor of Serbia

    Recently, Dangbei, the leading smart projection brand, officially announced that it signed a contract with the Serbian national football team and became the official sponsor of the Serbian Football Association. In Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, Serbian Football Association President Nenad...
  4. P

    Dangbei Partners with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as Serbia Official Sponsor

    The 2022 Qatar World Cup is one of the most high-profile international events. In today's match between Serbia and Sweden, I saw the logo of Dangbei, a famous projector brand from China, appearing courtside on the pitch. It turns out that Dangbei is the official sponsorship partner of Serbia for...
  5. Clive Carter

    Vivo, Dangbei Sponsor Serbia in FIFA 2022 World Cup

    Vivo, Dangbei, two Chinese companies are sponsors of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup in Qatar is not only a tribute to the classics, but also a World Cup for young people. It is worth noting that two Chinese brands, Vivo and Dangbei, are among the eight top global sponsors of the...