[Discussion]The best VPN to use, which one would you suggest?


I have a flashed router using Nordvpn (love it because I can protect all devices connected . I'll deal with download/upload speed issues I'm having in a dual router setup in another post). I'm in the US but am I better protected from legal consequences connected to a server in another country or am I exposed to those legal consequences connecting to a server locally (which is clearly faster)? If it's better to connect an out of country server, any suggestions as to which country to connect to and any particular Nordvpn server in that country?


Personally, I like to connect to a server in my own country for speed reasons. The only reason I might connect to a server in a foreign country would be to bypass that country's restricted sites, you know, those that only can be accessed if you live in that country.
Either server you chose, your protection is even across the board since your real IP is actually hidden. Regardless of what server you use, the protection is the same.