Do you need a large memory for smart TV?



Do you need a large memory for smart TV?​

Do you need a large memory for smart TV? The quick answer is no, you don't have to. Now the memory of smart TVs is really not big. Take Xiaomi TV 4A 60-inch as an example, its memory is 2GB+8GB, which is much smaller than the memory of Xiaomi mobile phones of the same period. This is mainly because the average smart TV does not require much memory space.

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Why Smart TV do not have large memory like smart phone?​

Android phones need to install a lot of application software and take up memory space, the memory of Android phones is often the bigger the better.

Although the smart TV also uses the Android system, it does not need to install too many application software, and the system is also particularly simplified, leaving only the functions required by the TV, so the volume is small.

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Moreover, the TV software does not need to stay in the background, and the memory resources will be released after it is closed. When using the application on the TV to watch online videos, the video cache is temporarily stored in the TV flash memory, and the cache will be stored after the video is played. is deleted and won't take up much storage space.

In addition, the resolution of most online videos is 1080P, and the bit rate is not high. It can be played smoothly without very good hardware, so Android TV does not need too much running memory and flash memory.

On the other hand, smart TVs are now sold so cheaply and the profit is very low, so hardware costs can be saved naturally. The vast majority of ordinary users do not install dozens of applications on their TVs like they do with mobile phones.

As for higher-end users, they usually do not rely on the system that comes with the TV, but choose a smart set-top box + TV. The TV is only used as a screen display function, and the installation of applications and the playback of online videos are all handed over to the set-top box. Some high-end users even use a PC case as a playback device. So for these high-end users, the memory size of the smart TV does not matter at all, as long as the screen display is clear enough.

That is to say, ordinary users do not need large memory to watch TV, and high-end users do not rely on the system functions of the TV itself, so the memory of mainstream smart TVs is not too large.