Does Sony R421A series support BRAVIA Sync?


Sony R421A series supports BRAVIA Sync function.
Sony R421A series supports BRAVIA Sync function.jpg

Sony R421A series LCD TV adopts ultra-narrow and wide-width design, which makes the screen especially large, and the picture is very shocking. This TV adopts LED backlight design, the picture color saturation is excellent, and supports 720P high-definition format.

Sony R421A series LCD TV supports single tuner dual picture function. It accompanies the BRAVIA ENGINE 3 image processing engine and Motionflow XR 100x speed drive, and the image decoding is clear and fast.

It features Live Colour enhancement, giving you a smooth picture with high colour levels. At the same time, it has analog surround sound effects with digital noise reduction and MPEG noise reduction.

Sony R421A series LCD TVs are quite good in terms of visual effects and sound effects. It has 2 HDMI ports, 1 VGA port and 1 USB port, and supports functions such as MHL smart connection, digital photo frame and BRAVIA Sync.