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  1. Samuel Miller

    Netflix Discontinues Support for Select 2012-2013 Sony TVs

    In a recent announcement, Sony disclosed that due to "technical limitations," a total of 34 older BRAVIA TVs would lose access to the Netflix app after February 2024. This group of "older" BRAVIA TVs primarily includes models from the 2012 and 2013 lineups. The affected models are as follows...
  2. Tommy_tvs

    Sony's 2023 TV Models Receive OTA Update with Screen Size Adjustment

    Sony has recently announced an Over-The-Air (OTA) update for its 2023 TV models, introducing new features such as screen size adjustment and a Dolby Vision gaming mode. This essay will delve into the specifics of these updates and their potential impact on the user experience. Screen Size...
  3. Tommy_tvs

    Sony Bravia XR A95L Quantum Dot OLED TV Announced: Starting at $2800

    Sony has recently unveiled the price and specifications of its Bravia XR A95L Quantum Dot OLED TV, available in three sizes: 55, 65, and 77 inches, starting at $2800. The Bravia XR A95L is equipped with the XR Cognitive Processor, as described by Sony: "Traditional AI can only detect and...
  4. Leo Lopez

    Sony TVs to Support ZOOM Video Calling with BRAVIA CAM Camera Integration

    In a recent report by TechRadar, it has been revealed that Sony is set to bring ZOOM video calling functionality to select models of its televisions, making it the first TV brand to support the ZOOM TV version app available on the Play Store. Sony has stated that they are working towards...
  5. Barend Ray

    Sony TV Red Light Flashing 6 Times, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix Sony TV blinking red light 6 times. As one of the world's leading electronics brands, Sony TVs are known for their excellent quality and advanced technology. Sony TVs perform well, but like all other models of TVs, Sony TVs can have problems. If you...
  6. P

    Sony TV with Camera BRAVIA CAM Pros

    Sony has released TV models that is equipped with cameras like BRAVIA CAM, so what are the pros of the Sony TV with cameras? Let's see bellow. 1. Picture quality sensor BRAVIA CAM detects the distance between people and the TV and adjusts the TV brightness so that people can always enjoy...
  7. L

    LG C9P vs SONY A9G: How to choose?

    How to choose between LG C9P and SONY A9G?
  8. 5

    Can you download Plex on Sony TV?

    Can you download Plex on Sony TV?
  9. Barend Ray

    How to Get Plex for Sony Google TV?

    This guide will show you how to get Plex for sony google TV. Plex is a free streaming platform where you can use your own library of media content, and Plex also offers live and on-demand programming. Its free version alone covers most of the features and content users need, making it very...
  10. R

    Does Sony R421A series support BRAVIA Sync?

    Sony R421A series supports BRAVIA Sync function. Sony R421A series LCD TV adopts ultra-narrow and wide-width design, which makes the screen especially large, and the picture is very shocking. This TV adopts LED backlight design, the picture color saturation is excellent, and supports 720P...
  11. Barend Ray

    Sony TV Keeps Rebooting, Quick and Easy Fix

    This guide will show you the reasons and fix for Sony TV keeps rebooting. TV is probably one of the most commonly used household appliances in our daily life, and it is an entertainment product that can quickly help us relax our bodies. With the development of smart TV, the TV has more and more...
  12. F

    How to connect SONY A95K to my computer?

    How to connect SONY A95K to my computer?
  13. L

    Is Sony TV available in Pakistan?

    Is Sony TV available in Pakistan?
  14. S

    Why my sony tv cannot be turned on?

    Why my sony tv cannot be turned on?
  15. Emma

    Difference between Sony HDMI Enhanced Format and Standard Format

    Maybe you've seen how to turn on a Sony TV HDMI Enhanced Format. But why would they turn on the format? How does this mode affect the audiovisual experience? In fact, the difference between the enhanced format and the standard model is big. If the default Sony TV standard mode is HDMI 1.4...
  16. Emma

    How to turn on Sony TV HDMI Enhanced format?

    Many people buy Sony TVs to go with their PS5s, and the games demand high picture quality. This article will show you how to turn on the Sony TV HDMI Enhanced format. 1. Connect your game console to the HDMI2 or HDMI3 port of the Sony TV. 2. Press the Home button on your remote to enter the...
  17. Grace's

    TOP 10 Smart TV Brands For 2022

    TV has always been an essential product in family entertainment, and when we buy TVs, we tend to choose brands with a good reputation, which are also more secure in terms of quality and after-sales service. This article will introduce you to the top 10 smart TV brands for 2022. 1. SAMSUNG...
  18. F

    Recommendation for Home Entertainment Products

    Now we are increasingly focused on home entertainment, a variety of products have emerged. This article will recommend those products that enhance home entertainment. 1. Projector Because home projectors are convenient, versatile, and project a large screen, more and more users are choosing...
  19. L

    Sony X91K Series Gaming TV: 4K 120Hz

    Sony's new X91K series TVs are now available for pre-order, in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes. X91K has HDMI 2.1 interface, supports 4K / 120FPS input/display, VRR variable refresh rate, ALLM automatic low-latency mode, which can eliminate screen tearing and disconnection, provide smoother...
  20. G

    Connect Phone to TV: Tips for Wired and Wireless

    Many people want to connect or mirror their phone to the TV for sharing their phone screen or transferring files but they don't know how. There are tips for connecting Phone to TV both wired and wireless. How do I connect my phone to my TV via cable? If you want to connect your phone to your...