Emotn C1 Projector: LCD Multimedia Projector for Home


Emotn has released its first LCD multimedia projector-Emotn C1. As a brand for the young, Emotn commits to making high-quality projectors with energy, innovation, and fashion.

Emotn C1, as a mid-to-high-end multimedia projector, is now available on Emotn official store: www.emotn.com, priced at $179. This projector has a 720p resolution which is enough for a multimedia projector. The brightness is up to 8500 lumens with a 5500:1 contrast to offer a clear and high-quality image for home theater.



Emotn C1 projector has an innovative appearance design to show their young and energy. The body adopts white as the main color, suitable for a variety of home environments, plus a touch of fluorescent yellow, adding some fashion and avant-garde. On the top of Emotn C1, there is a silicone groove, and the side of the projector is made of the same material. This design is especially for the convenience to put mobile phones or remote control when projecting and has no damage for the phones. There is also an area on the top of the projector to adjust focus and keystone correction for optimal image projection. The trapezoid design is deliberately made here to prevent users from cutting their hands while adjusting.

Emotn C1  with phone racks .jpg


Different from usual multimedia projectors in the market, Emotn C1 projector supports both wired and wireless connections for iPhones and Android phones, so that users can choose the best connection on their own preference. The wired connection is more stable and fast which is an extra choice, and the wireless connection covers 8-10m distance for less limit to users position. The official recommendation for the best screencasting size is 50-120 inches. The high brightness and contrast bring a cinema-like visual effect in a dark room, and the stable connection provides fast projection from users' devices.

Emotn C1 projector.png


The projector is equipped with a wealth of interfaces to meet the needs of users for various device connections to the maximum extent. There is VGA, 2 USB, 2 HDMI, AV, Audio and TF or Micro SD ports on the back of C1, it's plausible for the connection of a computer, DVD, speakers, mobile phones, etc. And the lower HDMI port is a 5/1A power supply that can charge phones when in need. As an LCD projector, Emotn C1 uses LED as the light source and the life is up to 50000 hours.

In addition to the projection function, the C1 can be turned into a Bluetooth speaker by selecting the Bluetooth speaker mode. In this mode, the optical machine will go off and there is no noise to disturb the music. The projector adopts Bluetooth 5.1, so the connection is more fast and stable.

As a young and dynamic brand, Emotn will also launch more high-quality products designed for young people, the brand is committed to creating cost-effective and easy-to-use projectors.