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  1. Serena Anderson

    Dangbei NEW D3X Projector Review, Great Home Projector

    This article will show you the Dangbei NEW D3X projector review. This projector is based on the old D3X model with upgraded features, the main upgrade points are as follows. 1. Storage space increased to 32GB, large memory can be installed for a large number of APP 2. Keystone correction and...
  2. C

    Dangbei Mars Pro Review: Best Home Smart Projector

    The Dangbei Mars Pro comes up frequently in smart home projector search results as many users have given feedback that this projector offers superior performance for the same price point. It's a projector with native 4K resolution, 25,000 hours of lamp life and the new HDMI 2.1 standard...
  3. Elena

    Dangbei F3 Air Projector Review, Excellent Gaming Projector

    This year, Dangbei F series has launched a new Dangbei F3 Air, which is a very good game projector. This is a 0.47 DMD native 1080P resolution projector, let's take a look at the review in this article. Appearance The appearance of Dangbei F3 Air Projector is the same as that of Dangbei F3...
  4. Jemma

    how to choose the right brightness for Home projector?

    Many people say they want to buy a home projector. However, users who do not understand projectors are easily confused by various parameters on the market. The projector brightness alone is a unit, and there are different opinions. This article will give you how to choose the right projector...
  5. R

    Business Projector vs Home Projector: what's different?

    Business projectors are generally used in the office to display PPT, pictures or text displays and some videos. Home projectors are generally used for home entertainment, such as playing movies, TV, games, etc. In addition to the different usage scenarios, what is the difference between a...
  6. Adney

    The advantages and disadvantages of home projectors

    Many people choose to buy a projector to replace the TV, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of a home projector? Pros 1. Large picture size The biggest advantage of the projector is that the picture size can be large or small, and the picture can be projected very largely...
  7. P

    Epson CB535w Projector User review: is it good for home?

    Epson CB535W is a short-throw projector, mainly used for business office. So is it suitable for families? Let's learn about this projector through real user experience and see how it works in real use. Epson CB535W projector use reviews 1. The Epson stuff feels very good. The previous printer...
  8. S

    4K Home Projectors under $2000 for 2022, Projector Buying Guide

    Home projectors are becoming more and more popular, and building a home theater is the dream of many young people. So what are the 4K projectors that are worth buying currently? We have carefully selected 5 models for your reference. 1. Optoma UHD51A $1998 Important Specifications Display...
  9. TV-Guide

    Optoma HD39HDR Projector Review, a good home projector

    Optoma home multi-function projector, HD39HDR, has 1080P full HD resolution, and the brightness is increased to 4000 lumens. As a home projector, Optoma HD39HDR can cast a maximum screen of 300 inches. How's the review about it? Let's have a look. Appearance White has always been the dominant...
  10. Radiohead

    Emotn C1 Projector: LCD Multimedia Projector for Home

    Emotn has released its first LCD multimedia projector-Emotn C1. As a brand for the young, Emotn commits to making high-quality projectors with energy, innovation, and fashion. Emotn C1, as a mid-to-high-end multimedia projector, is now available on Emotn official store: www.emotn.com, priced at...
  11. Jemma

    Home projector vs smart TV: which one is better?

    Why not buy a smart TV and why choose a home projector? Smart TV and home projector, which one is better?
  12. Jemma

    Is it worth buying a home projector?

    Is it worth buying a home projector?
  13. S

    RCA Projector: A Cost-effective Home Theater Projector

    RCA projectors not only serve as a great and cost-effective home theater projector but also provide strong support for daily work. We have reviewed an RCA projector, RPJ136, which weighs 2.98 pounds, and the product size is 15 x 20 x 10 inches. In order to provide you with complete information...