Emotn Projector Launches Its First LCD Projector: Emotn C1


On Black Friday, projector brand Emotn released its first projector: Emotn C1 LCD Multimedia projector, which is currently available on the Emotn website and is priced at $179.
Emotn Projector C1.jpg

The Emotn C1 projector adopts a sleek and concise exterior design with a size of 225 x186 x 106mm. The color of the whole projector is composed of white + fluorescent yellow. The device body is pure white, with a fluorescent yellow silicone groove on the top, which is used to place the mobile phone during projection. A focus wheel is on the front top at a design of trapezoid that protects from harm to hands. When the screen needs to be focused and corrected, just scroll the wheel left and right. The two sides of the body are made of edible silicone, and the hollow-out holes can dissipate heat when the projector is working.

Emotn C1 projector has a Bluetooth connection mode with a Bluetooth speaker chip of Bluetooth 5.1, so Emotn C1 can be used as a projection + Bluetooth speaker mode. It is equipped with a 2*5W speaker with a 5W hour service life. The Emotn C1 projector can achieve a 50-120 inch screen and supports manual vertical correction. In addition, the Emotn C1 projector also provides a 5/1A power supply port, which allows you to use multimedia devices to cast screens and watch programs while charging.
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In terms of system, Emotn C1 projector adopts 720p resolution, brightness of 8500 lumens, contrast ratio of 5500:1. It recommends a projection size of 50'' - 120'' and a projection distance of 1-3m. Emotn C1 is equipped with a display technology of LCD and the light source is LED. It supports wired and wireless projection of Apple and Android systems. Wireless projection screen can realize 8-10 meters signal transmission, and wired projection screen provides more stable signal transmission.

As for the multimedia transmission, Emotn C1 projector supports most mainstream picture format and audio format, as well as video format and compression format. In addition, Emotn C1 projector also has an iterative upgrade function of the OTA function.

Concerning interfaces, the Emotn C1 projector provides a VGA interface, 2 USB interfaces (one for charging, one for data transmission), two HDMI interfaces, one AV interface, an Aux 3.5mm headphone interface, and an SD/TF card interface. And an AC 100~240V AC 50/60Hz input power interface, support Bluetooth connection and wired connection.
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Emotn is a young, fashionable, high-quality LCD projector brand. Look over to the LCD projector market, Emotn C1 projector is unique and in style with its personalized design. According to the official announcement, Emotn C1 projector is on sale on Black Friday. For more information, please visit www.emotn.com.

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I checked out their website and now they have a Black Friday sale! I've already placed an order! Hope it can be sent to America as soon as possible!


How's the picture quality? Does anyone receive the product?
Sorry I don't have it now but I found this review of Emotn C1, the picture quality is so amazing! It surprises me!