Epson 5700TX vs ViewSonic Q20 Projector: Which is better


Epson 5700TX and ViewSonic Q20 are both newly launched projectors, and their prices are relatively close. So what is the difference between the two projectors in terms of performance configuration? Let's compare the difference between the two projectors through parameters and measured results, and see which one is better between Epson 5700TX and ViewSonic Q20.

Epson 5700TX vs ViewSonic Q20: What's the difference?​

Parameter comparison​

In terms of picture brightness, the actual brightness of the Epson 5700tx is higher, reaching 2700 ISO lumens. And the ViewSonic Q20 with 2300ANSI lumens, the picture projected by the Epson 5700tx is brighter.


In terms of color, the Epson 5700tx with 3LCD display technology has a higher degree of color reproduction and more natural colors. In addition, the resolution of both projectors is 1080P, and the pictures presented are very clear.

Actual image quality comparison​

From the perspective of optical parameters, the Epson 5700TX will be better. But what about the actual use effect? The following will share the measured results of Epson 5700TX and ViewSonic Q20.


The left side is the projection screen of Epson 5700TX, and the right side is the projection screen of ViewSonic Q20. In general, the picture quality of Epson 5700TX is more restored, while the picture of ViewSonic Q20 has a more obvious reddish phenomenon. Therefore, the actual use effect is better than the Epson 5700TX. If you want a better experience with the ViewSonic Q20, you need to perform a certain color adjustment.


The body size of the two projectors is similar. At the same time, the fan noise of both projectors is relatively loud when in use, so it is recommended to turn on the energy-saving mode.

As for the connecting ports, ViewSonic Q20's interface is richer and more diverse, supports more devices, has stronger expansibility, and has a better overall experience.

viewsonic Q20.jpeg

Epson 5700TX vs ViewSonic Q20: which is better​

Through specific comparative analysis, it can be found that if you consider the picture quality, you can choose Epson 5700TX. ViewSonic Q20 is also a good choice if you consider functionality and practicability, and you have a certain ability to adjust color.