epson projector

  1. Y

    Epson ef12 projector feedback,Is it suitable for home?

    I bought three projectors ef12/ef10 and 5700T. There is no difference between ef10 and ef12, but the sound is relatively poor, but ef12 is just average, because I usually use home theater, so I don't feel much. The ef12 is indeed not as clear as the 5700T, and to be honest, it is quite a lot...
  2. G

    Epson EF11 vs EF12 projector: What's the difference?

    Is Epson EF11 and EF12 the same series? What's the difference between them?
  3. Felia

    How does the Epson projector connect to wifi?

    How does the epson projector connect to wifi? Here is the guide. 1. Press the setting button of the Epson projector remote control to open the setting interface; 2. Select Network and Internet in General Settings and click to enter; 3. Search for the current available network, select the...
  4. W

    Epson EB-PU1007B Projector: How to connect it to speaker?

    For connecting Epson EB-PU1007B Projector to external speaker, you can connect the projector to external self-powered speakers and control the volume using the projector's remote control. You can also connect the projector to an amplifier with speakers. If you want to output audio from the...
  5. W

    Epson TW7000 picture setting tips, how to adjust it to the best picture?

    The Epson TW7000 is an entry-level 4K projection device. The picture quality is quite good, but the color in the standard mode is not the best. So how should the Epson TW7000 adjust the picture parameters? The following is a detailed tutorial on parameter setting of Epson TW7000. Detailed...
  6. M

    Epson 4010 Projector vs Dangbei Mars Pro: Which is Worth Buying?

    Dangbei recently launched a brand new 4K laser projector, the Dangbei Mars Pro, priced at $1799. Also positioned as a projector for building home cinema, the Epson Home Cinema 4010 projector is more expensive than Dangbei Mars Pro, priced at $1999.99. So who is the better home theater projector...