Epson CH-A100 projector review, is it good?



How does Epson CH-A100 projector review?​

Epson CH-A100 is a high-brightness home theater smart projector, so what about the parameter configuration of Epson CH-A100 projector? Let me see what are the features of the Epson CH-A100 projector.

Epson CH-A100 projector review, is it good?

1. Epson CH-A100 Optical parameters​

In terms of picture brightness, the actual brightness of Epson CH-A100 is 3000ISO lumens, which provides a bright picture, so that the device is not afraid of the interference of ambient light. The standard resolution of Epson CH-A100 reaches 4K, which ensures the clearness of the video picture, so that the details of the picture can be clearly displayed to the user.

2.Epson CH-A100 System parameters​

In terms of operating system, Epson CH-A100 has built-in Android 11 intelligent system, which supports online viewing and downloading of third-party application software. This projector has rich video resources, and the new UI interface makes the picture more streamlined and brings users the best experience.

3. Epson CH-A100 Projection parameters​

In terms of picture correction function, Epson CH-A100 requires manual focus and supports four-corner keystone correction function to ensure that the projected picture can always be kept square and clear. Epson CH-A100 is equipped with an intelligent voice assistant and supports voice remote control, allowing users to easily control it.

4. Epson CH-A100 Specifications​

Epson CH-A100 adopts light and shadow energy ring lens design, the body color is elegant black, and the overall appearance is full of technology. Epson CH-A100 has a wealth of interfaces and supports connection to various devices such as computers and U disks, which greatly improves the expandability of the device and makes the device more practical.
What are the features of Epson CH-A100 projector?

What are the features of Epson CH-A100 projector?​

1. The screen has high brightness and is not afraid of sunlight interference;
2. Ultra-clear resolution, clear picture details;
3. Built-in intelligent system, support online viewing;
4. There are various types of interfaces, and the equipment has strong expansibility.

From the parameter configuration, it can be found that the overall configuration of Epson CH-A100 is excellent and has excellent picture quality performance. Overall, this is a worthwhile home projector.