Epson CH-TW6280T/CH-A100 4K Projector Released


Epson CH-TW6280T 4K professional home theater smart projector and Epson CH-A100 smart home projector have been launched recently. Both of these new projectors use 3LCD projection technology, D65 color temperature standard color correction, a new upgraded system UI, and built-in Tencent Video Aurora TV.

How is Epson CH-TW6280T?​

Epson CH-TW6280T is a 4K projector with 4K PRO-UHD technology. It has 2800 lumens of brightness, 35000:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio, and supports HDR10 ultra-high dynamic range. At the same time, it has a color expressive power of over 1.07 billion colors, and is equipped with image quality processing engines such as adaptive GAMMA adjustment, image noise reduction, and image detail enhancement.

How is Epson CH-TW6280T?

In addition, the product is also equipped with multiple image modes, which can customize the screen color and brightness parameters. It supports 1.62x optical zoom, can perform ±60% vertical lens shift, as well as horizontal and vertical keystone correction, and is equipped with AI intelligent voice function.

How is Epson CH-A100?​

The brightness of Epson CH-A100 reaches 3000 lumens, which is officially stated as a new height of Epson smart home projection brightness. In terms of picture, the product is equipped with three 0.62-inch display chips, supports 1080P full HD resolution, and has adaptive GAMMA adjustment.

How is Epson CH-A100?

In addition, this projector supports 1.35x digital zoom, ±30° vertical/horizontal keystone correction, and side projection can match the wall size. It has a throw ratio of 1.19:1 and a projected screen size of 60-150 inches. In terms of smart functions, it supports wireless screen projection, voice remote control, etc.