Epson EF11 vs EF12 projector: What's the difference?



Epson EF11 vs EF12 projector: the differences​

1. Different Brightness

The brightness of Epson ef11 is 1000 lumens, and the brightness of Epson ef12 is 1200 lumens;

2. Different configuration

Epson ef11 has no built-in system, ef12 has a built-in intelligent system, is equipped with Amlogic processing chip, and adopts Tencent Aurora TV operating system;

3. Different Lenses

Epson ef11 supports optical zoom, ef12 does not support optical zoom;

4. Different speakers

Epson ef11 uses 1.5W audio, ef12 uses Yamaha audio.


And different appearance

Epson EF11:​

Epson EF11.jpg

Epson EF12:​

Epson EF12.jpg


Epson ef11 is mainly for business office, so for the convenience of use, the intelligent system is discarded.

The Epson ef12 is a home projector with a compact and lightweight body and good acoustics. The downside is that it no longer supports optical zoom because of the Yamaha speakers. Therefore, some difficulties are added to the installation.