Formovie VX 4K Projector, what' the highlight?


Formovie will soon launch the new Formovie VX 4K Projector, let's take a look at what are the highlights of this product.

Formovie VX 4K Projector.jpg

The 4K UHD resolution of the Formovie VX is 4 times clearer than the 1080p resolution of mainstream projectors on the market today. The projected image can still show rich details even in the 150-inch giant-screen format, presenting a sharp and clear picture and bringing ultra-realistic visual presentation.

This is not the first time that Formovie projection has popularized high-end technology for home use. In October 2021, Formovie projection launched three groundbreaking new laser micro projectors including the Formovie R1 Nano, X1, and P1.

In the new year 2022, the new Formovie VX 4K Projector will be launched soon. In addition to 4K UHD resolution, let's see what other sensory experiences can Formovie bring to consumers.