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  1. Emma

    Formovie V10 4K Ultra HD Projector at CES 2023

    CES 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show was grandly opened in Las Vegas, USA. It is understood that the CES covers 41 different technology categories, including artificial intelligence, accessible technology, financial technology, Internet of Things, smart home, automotive technology...
  2. R

    How is the Formovie X1 projector?

    Formovie X1 is a thin and light portable laser projector. Due to its compact and lightweight body, it can be easily put into a backpack, and you can enjoy the comfortable viewing experience brought by the large screen at any time during travel and camping. In order to provide high-quality...
  3. Y

    XGIMI RS Pro2 vs FormovieV10 Comparason Review

    There are more and more brands and models of projectors, which makes it more difficult for people to choose a projector. This article will compare and introduce two popular 4K projectors: XGIMI RS Pro2 and Fengmi V10. XGIMI RS Pro2 Projector Review What's in the box In the XGIMI RS Pro2 box...
  4. T

    Formovie V10 4K Ultra HD Projector Review

    I have purchased the Formovie V10 4K Ultra HD Projector that was released recently, and this article will share my experience and review of the Formovie V10 Projector. Appearance The V10 projector is not a traditional projector, but more of a smart speaker. With its gray organic fabric, black...
  5. Adney

    Formovie P1 Laser Projector Review, portable projector

    As the pioneer of "laser smart projector", Formovie launched the new P1 laser projector this year. Let's see the review. The P1 is compact, measuring only 150.8x83x24.6mm, not much bigger than a cell phone. Solid buttons, no need to use remote control. Formovie P1 has a built-in Type-c...
  6. 7

    Formovie VX 4K Projector, what' the highlight?

    Formovie will soon launch the new Formovie VX 4K Projector, let's take a look at what are the highlights of this product. The 4K UHD resolution of the Formovie VX is 4 times clearer than the 1080p resolution of mainstream projectors on the market today. The projected image can still show rich...