Grounded: Now Available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch


Microsoft's action-adventure game "Grounded," developed by first-party studio Obsidian Entertainment, is now officially available on Sony's PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch platforms. The company also announced plans to release cross-platform updates by the end of this spring.

Grounded Now Available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.jpg

The game is currently listed on the PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop.

According to public information, "Grounded" is a multiplayer cooperative survival game released on September 28, 2022. It initially launched on Xbox One, XSX|S, and PC via Steam.

In this game, players shrink to the size of ants and explore their backyard environment while constructing bases. They must survive among swarms of giant insects and unravel the mystery behind their miniaturization.


Grounded finally on PlayStation and Switch? Yesss! Been waiting to dive back into this backyard survival adventure. Wonder if the smaller screen will affect the experience.


Grounded looks interesting, but I heard it can be pretty tough. Is the port to Switch and PlayStation well-optimized? Can someone comment on the difficulty for newcomers?


Does Grounded on Switch support local co-op? Playing with a friend on the couch would be a blast! Perfect for a casual weekend gaming session.