1. EdwardKL

    Sony PS5 Game Console 2023 External

    Sony is said to be working on a new PlayStation 5 console with a removable optical drive. The sources say Sony's PlayStation 5 will undergo a unique overhaul in mid-fiscal 2023, with the new console due to launch around September 2023, and outlined the next iteration of the PlayStation 5. It...
  2. Barend Ray

    How to Watch PlayStation Vue on Samsung Smart TV?

    This article will show you how to watch PlayStation Vue on Samsung smart TV. There are now many alternatives to cable TV, and you can get live and on-demand content by subscribing to various streaming services. One of them is PlayStation Vue, a live streaming platform from Sony that delivers...
  3. G

    PlayStation VR2 Features, Are you looking forward to?

    What features does PlayStation VR2 have? It is said that the functions of PlayStation VR2 include perspective images, live broadcast of individual games, custom play spaces, VR mode and theater mode. PlayStation VR2 Perspective mode PlayStation VR2 will have see-through capabilities. This...

    Does PlayStation still have PS Plus free trial?

    Does PlayStation still have PS Plus free trial? Recently, social platforms revealed that Sony is implementing a distribution plan for premium PS plus membership trials, which has been launched in Europe and other places. Consistent with the plan previously implemented on PS4, players also need...
  5. Jack888

    When will the New PlayStation Plus release?

    Sony announced that the new generation of Play Station Plus video game subscription service will be released worldwide from the end of May this year. Sony's next-generation PlayStation Plus is scheduled to be released on May 23 in Asian markets except for Japan. Sony plans to release the new...