Hisense laser TV 120L9-Pro: A new milestone in the era of large screens


At the spring new product launch conference held on April 25, Hisense officially released the world's first full-color laser TV 120L9-Pro with a 120-inch super large screen, which shocked the industry. 120L9-Pro is the world's first 120-inch laser TV that meets the TV brightness standard, setting a new limit for laser TV screen size.

In 2021, the 100-inch top flagship product 100L9-Pro of Hisense Laser TV will be priced at around 100,000 yuan. This year, the market price of the 120L9-Pro is 119,999 yuan, and the market price of the 110-inch L9 is only 49,999 yuan. For the market, this is the sincerity of Hisense Laser TV to the market, and the increase in volume will not increase the price. But behind this, it shows that the laser display industry is mature, and the 120L9-Pro is a new milestone in this upgrade.

Bigger than you can imagine

First of all, what does Hisense's 120-inch full-color laser TV 120L9-Pro bring to consumers?

Liu Xianrong, chief scientist of the general manager of Hisense Laser Display Co., Ltd., introduced at the press conference that the 120-inch giant screen is equivalent to the size of a two-door, two-seat small supercar, and the entire display area is equivalent to a national standard table tennis table. The size is 1.5 times that of a 100-inch TV.

To put it more vividly, taking the common 65-inch TV in the current family as the standard, the display area of 120 inches is about 3.4 times that of 65 inches. Connecting three 65-inch TVs together is not as big as a 120L9-Pro. Therefore, the 120-inch giant screen is equivalent to moving a movie theater home and exponentially upgrading the family movie viewing experience.

hisense laser tv.jpeg

Not only big, but more brilliant inside​

Of course, in addition to being large enough, the Hisense full-color laser TV 120L9-Pro is also second to none in display technology. It adopts 100% RGB three-color laser light source structure, red, green and blue three-color pure laser light source, 0 color wheel, 0 phosphor powder, and accurate color display. With 1.07 billion primary color display and 107% BT.2020 ultra-wide color gamut coverage, it is the largest color gamut display in the industry at present. With ultra-high color management capabilities, it refreshes the industry's color performance ceiling.

In addition to being visually stunning, Hisense 120L9-Pro has a Harman Kardon panoramic sound field, 2 x 0.7L large sound chambers, a maximum sound pressure level of 96dB, and 2 x NBR mid-bass diaphragms, which can explode and shock The sound field energy of the heartstrings.

It is not enough to achieve the ultimate in hardware performance, and the content must also be brilliant. In a leisurely afternoon, if you want to listen to music, the 120L9-Pro can completely turn your living room into a concert hall; in terms of film and television content, Hisense has also customized a laser theater area for laser TV users.

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Laser TV category industry chain has been fully mature​

The popularity of Hisense in the TV category must be familiar to the vast majority of users. As a pioneer of large-size laser TVs, it took the lead in launching a 100-inch laser TV as early as 2014, and completed the full-size segment layout from 75 inches to 100 inches in 2019. This year, the 120-inch full-color laser TV was officially released, pushing the performance of full-color laser TVs to a new extreme, and the overall price of laser TVs has further dropped, but behind this is the comprehensive maturity of the laser TV category industry chain.

The laser display industry chain is different from the traditional display industry chain. The LCD TV is obviously limited by the display panel due to the influence of the display mode of the pixels on the viewing surface. The core components of laser TVs have the characteristics of separation, the industrial development is more flexible, the industrial investment cost is significantly lower, and it is technically easier and cost-effective to obtain large-size display screens.

The advantages of the industrial chain also require the cultivation of the market. At the press conference, Dr. Liu Xianrong said that Hisense Laser TV has experienced 15 years of technical precipitation, 8 years of market tempering, overcoming difficulties, and continuously cultivating the market. Today, laser TV has become a mature category driven by technology, industrial chain supply, market demand and capital. In fact, whether it is the product experience of Hisense Laser TV or the market price, in the field of super large screen, it already has the strength to beat the wrist with LCD TV.

The pioneers' efforts have also been rewarded by the market. Aowei Cloud data shows that in 2021, Hisense will firmly occupy the first place in the market for high-end large-screen products with a size of 75+ and a price of more than 8,000 yuan, and Hisense will also be No. Among the screen TV sales, Hisense Laser TV accounted for 63.6%, ranking first.