hisense 120l9-pro laser tv

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    Hisense laser TV 120L9-Pro: A new milestone in the era of large screens

    At the spring new product launch conference held on April 25, Hisense officially released the world's first full-color laser TV 120L9-Pro with a 120-inch super large screen, which shocked the industry. 120L9-Pro is the world's first 120-inch laser TV that meets the TV brightness standard...
  2. Adney

    Hisense Laser TV L9 Series, What are the highlights?

    Yesterday, Hisense released a number of new products in 2022, including the laser TV Hisense 120L9 PRO, Hisense 110L9F, and Hisense 80L9H. 1. Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120" Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120-inch uses North American black walnut as the body material and incorporates traditional gold...
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    Hisense 120L9-PRO Laser TV Review, first 120" laser TV

    On April 25, at the spring new product launch, Hisense launched a 120-inch full-color laser TV 120L9-PRO, redefining the upper limit of the large screen audiovisual experience. Hisense's 120-inch full-color laser TV is the world's first laser TV to meet TV brightness standards. According to...