Hisense Laser TV L9 Series, What are the highlights?


Yesterday, Hisense released a number of new products in 2022, including the laser TV Hisense 120L9 PRO, Hisense 110L9F, and Hisense 80L9H.

1. Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120"

Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120.jpg

Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120-inch uses North American black walnut as the body material and incorporates traditional gold wood craftsmanship to create a two-wing grille, along with polished glass.

Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120-inch with panchromatic laser light source type, support front screen brightness 140nit, resolution 4K, 107% BT.2020 color gamut and 1.07 billion colors.

Meanwhile, Hisense Laser TV L9 PRO 120" is equipped with Genesis optical engine, with PureView full-color light source architecture, Hi-Display cinema color tuning, D-Max high brightness chip.

2. Hisense Laser TV L9F 110"

Hisense Laser TV L9F 110.jpg

Hisense Laser TV L9F 110-inch is designed with an Air ultra-light frame screen + bird's nest cooling mesh. It has 107% BT.2020 color gamut and 350nit brightness, and is equipped with TruVolume simulation ear tuning technology, which can intelligently sense sound loudness.

3. Hisense Laser TV L9H 80"

Hisense Laser TV L9H 80.jpg

Hisense Laser TV L9H 80-inch has 380nit brightness and 3500:1 contrast ratio, while supporting high dynamic range imaging, achieving 240Hz refresh rate + 12ms low latency + 16W times/sec DMD pixel-level light control computing speed + MEMC.
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